Are you approaching the age of retirement and would you like to prepare it in peace?

Are your loan repayments too large and you need assistance choosing the most appropriate debt restructuring solution for a retiree?

Discover your senior loan consolidation options with your broker.

The transition to retirement involves a decline in your income. This decrease in cash inflows can lead to budgetary problems related to credit management: the expenses of your loan have been calculated on the basis of your ability to repay before retirement.

Anticipate the transition to retirement with a loan buyout

Anticipate the transition to retirement with a loan buyout

To optimize debt management, the retirement loan buyback offers solutions that can anticipate the transition to retirement through adapted to your future ability to repay.

Benefit from a tiered loan renegotiation, which adapts to your repayment autonomy, with degressive monthly payments. A smoothing of credits makes it possible to lighten the maturity on the projected date of the payment of your retirement pension.

This way, you conserve your purchasing power and limit the impact of immediate loss of income to disproportionate burdens, ensuring a more comfortable and serene senior life.

Your specialist in the repurchase and renegotiation of credits

Your specialist in the repurchase and renegotiation of credits

Your Loan Broker is at your disposal to help you assess your future retirement repayment capability through a tailored retirement diagnosis.

The financial advisor will guide you in choosing the most appropriate credit buyback formula for your future situation, from a wide range of products dedicated to seniors.

With the help of our advice and skills, you increase your ability to save money by reducing your monthly payments. The restructuring of your credit agreements into a single, more suitable loan finally solves your problem of falling income when you retire.

As a senior, you can always continue to save cash as a safety mattress. This will help you avoid using your credit during your retirement. With a tailor-made management of your budget, you can calmly consider the realization of new projects without jeopardizing your budget management. Take a good retirement once your case has been completed:

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