The monthly loan burden of a cheap credit depends on many factors. Taking out loans such as Eicredit online saves a lot of expenses and that also benefits the consumer. This saves a lot of expenses. So borrowing cheap money is still possible, certainly at Eicredit. An important tool here is certainly the loan simulator that you will find on the Eicredit website. This loan simulator allows you to calculate your various options for a loan and their monthly loan burden in no time. For taking out a loan, gathering as much information and rates as possible is certainly not a waste of time, on the contrary.

With the Eicredit loan simulator you immediately know whether you are able to repay your loan in time.

A wide offer

A wide offer

Just as with all other lenders, Eicredit also has an extensive range of loans that you can use for a wide variety of purposes. One of the most requested loans is undoubtedly a car loan. Taking out a car loan with Eicredit is relatively cheap, but there is certainly no inferior service in return. A relatively cheap car loan from Eicredit is also safe and reliable, with no small print in the contract. For a cheap car loan, Eicredit is certainly a reliable and safe lender. But even then it is advisable to perform a car loan simulation of Eicredit. That way you can be sure that the cheap loan offered by Eicredit is the best solution for you. With such a simulation you immediately know how much you will cost such a car loan every month and how long you will have to take it. With a simple loan simulation you will never be faced with unpleasant surprises.

Direct Cash

Direct Cash

With the continuous Direct Cash from Eicredit you always have a cash reserve to cope with a financially difficult period.

The benefits of Eicredit Direct Cash:

With Direct Cash, the loan amount is immediately on your account after approval

The loan amount: is continuously available from the approval of your application and the definitive opening of the credit.

A cash reserve: depends on your monthly repayments. You can use that repaid amount continuously.

Early repayment : with Direct Cash from Eicredit you have the option of repaying your loan in full or in part early and without additional costs.

Manage your account: you do it online from home, so without having to move around.

  • Free disposal: with Eicredit Direct Cash you always have a cash reserve that you can freely dispose of and without having to explain what you will use that amount for.

Small loan

Small loan

In order to better meet the wishes and needs of its customers, you can now also come to Eicredit for small loans from 500 euros!

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