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11 New Mom and Baby Essentials + 10% Baby Central Discount Code!

“Oops, I’m having a baby!” Now, what essentials do I need? “Congratulations Mom! Here are some of our new favorite essentials for mom and baby, from baby carriers to nursing pillows!

Being pregnant is an exciting time for parents, there is so much to experience and learn without talking. to buy! Where do you start with all the gear you need for you as a new mom and for your newborn baby? How do you sort through all the baby products and brands to find the “best” cribs, carriers and other baby essentials? We’ve put together a list of maternity and newborn essentials that we think will support and help mums on this exciting parenting journey. Plus, don’t miss our 10% discount code when you shop at Central baby!

The essentials for your new baby

1. Newborn Baby Carrier: Ergobaby Embrace Soft Air Mesh

Adopt the Soft Air mesh ($239, pictured above) is the newborn baby carrier that new moms are coveting right now! This baby carrier gives you the structured support and simplicity of a baby carrier. The new fabric design has an airy polka dot knit with a soft air mesh for breathability (so essential in this humid climate!). That means comfort for mom and comfort for baby – it’s the perfect way to easily carry the bub and bond from all snuggly closeness.

2. Red Castle Cocoonababy Nest

The Cocoonbaby Nest ($279) eases the transition for newborns from a super comfortable womb and sees their transition with its reassuring and quiet space similar to an ergonomic cocoon. The Cocoonababy is made of a high resilience form that springs back to its original shape and does not hold baby in a fixed position (unlike memory foam). It promotes movement and helps the baby acquire motor skills.

3. Newborn Cradle: 4moms mamaRoo Sleep Cradle

Once bub has adjusted properly, they are ready for a bed upgrade! Every baby’s sleep is different, and with the Mamaroo 4moms Sleep Cradle ($999), you can customize the motion (choose from car, wave, kangaroo, swing, and rock-a-bye), speed, and sound (there are four white noise options) to best suit your needs. baby as they grow and their preferences change.

4. Skip Hop Celestial Dreams Activity Gym

new mom must play, carpet jump hop

Once your baby is out of the newborn phase, they’ll want to start “tummy time” to build core strength. So you will want a safe and engaging space for him. The last Skip Hop Activity Gym ($199) is pretty on the eye with its celestial-themed playmat structure, and is designed to be extra appealing to babies with the shooting star baby mirror that encourages self-recognition, plus five nighttime friends for engage your little one’s senses with music, sounds, textures and more to explore.

5. Changing table: Changing table Childhome Evolux

new mom must have changing table Childhome

The Evolux changing table ($599) is a stylish changing table (great for small spaces) in glossy white to match any nursery decor. It’s the first changing table design with four different heights, so it’s super flexible. Thanks to the wheels with braking system, the table is easy to move from room to room.

6. Red Castle Changing Pad

new mom must have the Red Castle changing mat

This changing pad by Red Castle ($99.90) is a solid choice for changing diapers and clothes. The cover is in ultra-soft Fleur de Coton®, there is an easy-to-wash removable terry towel with a water-repellent lining making the set super easy to clean.

7. Cheeky Chompers Comfortchew with Teether

This prized comforter ($22.42) is soft and comfortable, plus an attached hippo teether designed to massage and soothe those tender little gums and is 100% safe to chew. In addition, the elastic strap allows you to attach it to your baby’s wrist, stroller or car seat so that it is always within reach and does not fall out by mistake.

Essentials for new moms

8. Red Castle Big Flopsy Maternity and Nursing Pillow

new mom must have Red Castle Big Flopsy

Indispensable for all mothers, the Red Castle Big Flopsy Maternity and Nursing Pillow ($169) is a U-shaped total body pillow made from Fleur de Coton – an extremely soft and comfortable cotton fabric – providing the perfect tummy support (moms love to ride it on while they sleep) and it doubles a breastfeeding support. Micro beads make it easy to mold the pillow into your preferred position or shape when sleeping or nursing

9. Bravado Designs Original Pumping and Nursing Bra

Busy moms will love this one! The innovative 2 in 1 Bravado Designs Original Pumping and Nursing Bra ($69.90) allows for hands-free pumping when using traditional flanged pumps. Made with a unique, breathable and durable combination of organic cotton and TENCEL™ modal, this bra is super soft and it’s great that you can pump or feed feeling supported and comfortable.

10. Skip Hop Mainframe Wide Open Diaper Backpack

new mom must have a diaper bag

A trendy backpack designed for mom Where can dad take it? The Skip Hop Mainframe Wide Open Diaper Backpack ($129) fits the bill with its clever design and wide opening gives easy, clear access to bottles or diapers when you need them quickly!

11. Childhome Gliding Chair

So many moms have fond memories of their nursing glider! The Childhome rocking chair ($999) is where you’ll spend plenty of time feeding and soothing baby, thankfully – thanks to its wonderful comfort. The footrest rocks with you and the chair, the cushions are soft and the armrests are padded.

You have your list of essentials for mom and baby, are you ready to start shopping? Everything we’ve listed is readily available at Baby Central, a one-stop-shop for all things mom and baby gear! Don’t forget to use the Sassy Mama discount code when shopping at Baby Central:

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