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15% cheaper Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets with discount code – Here’s how to get it

TOP tech at a low price: who can dispute that?

With our Sun Vouchers discount code, you can save 15% on a wide range of phones, laptops and tablets on the Samsung website.


  • 15% Off Samsung Phones, Laptops & Tablets – Claim Discount Code Here

This puts an amazing array of world-class technology at your fingertips at a discount – and from one of the biggest brands on the planet.

One great deal is the saving of £ 179.85 on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, a top flagship phone and heavyweight in the Android market.

With an RRP of £ 1,119, this luxury handset isn’t a cheap expense – but with our discount code you can pick it up for £ 1,019.95.

There’s also the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus, a gorgeous device and one of the most credible rivals in Apple’s iPad lineup.

Typically this device will set you back £ 999, but with our code it drops to £ 849.15.

These are the kind of price cuts we usually have to wait until Black Friday – and it’s not until the end of November.

Go to our Sun Vouchers page to get the discount code.

Keep in mind though: it’s only valid until the end of October 4th – don’t miss it.

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