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NetTV was one of the first such streaming services in Nepal. It allows you to watch over 200 live TV channels directly from your phone, tablet or PC. They have partnered with Ncell and Smartcell for some net streaming packages. If you are invested in consuming Nepalese content, you might be interested in Net TV offering.Currently you have to pay Rs 31.92 for a weekly pack of NetTV service or Rs. 95.77 for a month. You also have the option of paying Rs. 6.38 per day. Note that these are the prices displayed by a customer who logged in using the Ncell phone number. If you used your email address, prices may vary slightly.

These prices are not that expensive to be honest. You get loads of channels from Colors HD to Star Sports and HBO.

But who doesn’t like a discount every now and then? We do. And the folks at NetTV know that most of the people know it too.

New Year NetTV Offer

So, this new year, they introduced a new promotional program and a new discount. For NetTV users who are not already using NCell and Smarcell packages, NetTV has brought a promotional code that will give you 40% off your package purchases.

To use the promo code, open the side navigation menu, select “Packages” and choose the package of your choice, then enter the promo code and select REDEEM to enjoy 40% off all your package purchases. We have checked and found that if you log in using your Ncell number, this option is simply not available. Thus, you may need to log out and register correctly using your email address to fully enjoy this program.

Where are the coupons? They are in NetTV Facebook page. Sometimes they can text you one, but we’re not sure if they are for sure. Your best bet is to keep checking out the NetTV Facebook page.

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