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All active free codes for Dead By Daylight

There’s always a new DLC, special event, or free code coming. Dead in broad daylight. While most big announcements are running from their storefronts with dev blogs or posted on Twitter, their promo codes are a bit harder to find. They are normally only given to a select group of Twitch streamers and Youtubers connected to their Fog Whisperer program.

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These are then advertised online and you just have to be lucky to be there when a code comes out. They’re also posted sporadically on social media in a number of places if you know where to look. But basically, your average Dead By Daylight fan probably won’t know about this and might miss it. That’s where this guide comes in, here’s a running list of all the active Dead By Daylight Promo Codes available now.


Updated June 13, 2022 by Matthew Mckeown: It didn’t take long to wait for the latest batch of spooky new stuff to drop in Dead By Daylight. New monsters like the Dredge, new maps and new Survivors, it’s the perfect time to be stuck in the realm of The Entity.

Along with the new content, there are also a few extra codes that have popped up from the developers for you to get your hands on some extra credits and exclusive gear. So, to get your hands on that free loot, here are the latest freebie codes for Dead By Daylight.

Promo codes in Dead By Daylight are always worth using. While not game-changing rewards like new characters, you can win beautiful cosmetic items like charms and masks. There are also holiday-themed clothes for certain characters that appear around Halloween, Christmas, and Lunar New Year to make things more festive.

Additionally, if you are having difficulty accumulating your Bloodpoints, there are regular code drops for a gigantic amount of blood points to spend as you wish. This is great for filling out the Bloodweb of your main characters or unlocking new skills for a Killer or Survivor that you might want to try but haven’t had time to earn points.

How to redeem codes

Redeeming promo codes is incredibly simple and should only take you a few minutes if you follow these instructions.

On the main Dead By Daylight page head to the store, once this screen opens in the top right there will be an icon that says ‘REDEEM CODE’. Select this and another window will open in front of you with the option to enter the code.

Enter the particular code you wish to use and click “Redeem”. If valid, it should activate immediately, and the game will let you know by displaying blood points, charms, or other items appearing in a small box at the bottom of the screen.

It should be noted that some codes are time sensitive and will expire after a set period, while others are permanently active. This tends to be for seasonal events or as part of a special theme with updates. Codes can only be redeemed once, but some are permanently active, so you can redeem them at your leisure.

Current Active Codes

If you want to jump in and get your hands on some free Dead By Daylight stuff, then here are the codes you need. These are all currently active promo codes so far, new ones will be added and timed exclusives – when they appear – will be removed when they expire. Enjoy!

Coded Reward
OINKYOUNEEDISLOVE 200,000 blood points
DBDTHEBOARDGAME 200,000 blood points
PLEASANT 69 blood points
PRIDE Rainbow Pride Charm
PRIDE2022 Updated Pride Charm
CAWCAW Feathers of Pride Charm
GETTHATBAG 10 Rift Fragments
DOUBLE RAINBOW 200,000 blood points
THANK YOU 150,000 blood points

Check back as we update this guide with the latest promo codes for Dead By Daylight.

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