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All Pokemon GO Promo Codes 2022

We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to Pokemon GO promo codes for May 2022 and beyond.

Pokemon GO Promo Codes are codes issued by the game’s developer, Niantic Labs, which can be entered through official platforms and redeemed for a set of disclosed items.

These items can range from PokeBalls to berries, avatar items, and everything in between.

Below are the current active promo codes this month:

There are no free PokeCoin promo codes active in Pokemon GO at the time of writing.

Below is a full list of expired Pokemon GO promo codes:

Pokémon GO promo codes must be entered directly through an official Niantic platform. However, the process varies between the two current mobile platforms: iOS and Android.

iOS devices

IOS users need to go through a few steps to get the items. Fortunately, however, the process is quite simple.

  1. Visit the Niantic Labs Redemption webpage.
  2. Select the appropriate login platform.
  3. Enter the corresponding credentials needed to open the account.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  5. Enter the desired code.
  6. Hit the redeem button.

Android devices

Android users have a much easier time as the whole process can be handled within the app.

  1. Open the Pokemon GO app.
  2. Go to the in-game Store tab.
  3. Scroll down the store to the redeem code section.
  4. Enter the desired code.
  5. Hit the redeem button.

All items must be credited instantly to the trainer’s account. Any unnecessary delays should be reported to Niantic Support.

The best way to get more Pokemon GO promo codes is to search for them. Most of the time, these codes are collected and consolidated across multiple sources for distribution over a series of channels.

These include official sources such as Niantic Labs social media, directly, accounts created for the express purpose of posting codes, or trusted sources of information.

There are several reasons why the codes would expire. Ultimately, it depends on the type of code offered.

For example, if a code is associated with a certain collaboration, partnership or event, it is likely to expire after the conclusion of the event. Trainers will have as long as the event is active to redeem their codes.

Other codes such as those that reward item bundles have a limited time to be claimed to help drive game traffic. If players encounter new codes every month or so, they are more likely to check out with the developer to find them. It also guarantees that they will log into the game to collect them.

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This article will be updated accordingly every month with new active codes if available. The last update date was April 28.