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ASOS launches 20% discount code that can be used on EVERYTHING – but only for 24 hours

Enjoy additional discounts on clothing, shoe accessories and even makeup

You could save money with just one click

Anyone getting ready for the impending season change may want to take advantage of Asos discounts.

The online fashion giant has launched 20% savings for shoppers who use the GO FOR IT promotional code at checkout on for the next 24 hours.

While it doesn’t include items already on sale, it does include everything else. So you can choose your favorite makeup, shop for new fall shoes, or stock up on wardrobe basics.

Buyers have until 8 a.m. on August 21 to make purchases under the offer and you can redeem it more than once for a maximum of £ 500 – before discounts are applied .

Fans of the brand took to Twitter to celebrate the impromptu discounts. One user wrote “ASOS has a 20% discount code and I have no control over myself.”

Another happy buyer was grateful for delaying his order, posting this note: “I know how Asos works so well apparently. I wanted to order something yesterday and something was telling me to wait and BAM this morning Asos drops a discount code. Thank you Lord “.

However, a few buyers have complained that they don’t have the money to splurge on the one-time promotion. Twitter user @whosamyb wrote: “Why is ASOS always doing the 20% discount code the week before payday?

But serious bargain hunters who are strapped for cash this time around can search for more ASOS discount codes through or browse deal sharing sites like

If you spend more than £ 20, you’ll qualify for free standard delivery on orders. But anyone who is a regular ASOS buyer should also consider signing up for unlimited UK next day delivery for £ 9.95.

It’s valid for a full year and is the cheapest way to save extra money with each store.

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