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  • To shop for sales, head to the Bensons for Beds homepage. In the top bar, you will find the “Sales” section on the far left. Shoppers can select the ‘Bed Sale’, ‘Mattress Sale’ and ‘Bedroom Sale’ which have all the latest deals on these items.
  • If you need something fast, you can shop in the ‘Express Delivery’ section which is a selection of products you can buy and get delivered quickly.
  • The “Clearance” section contains everything that is discontinued so you can get great deals on products from a few seasons ago. The homepage also advertises all the latest sales and discounts, so scroll down to find them.


Does Bensons for Beds offer free shipping?

Bensons for Beds is offering free delivery on orders over £100. If your order is less than £100 you will be charged £4.99. Alternatively, you can go to a Bensons for Beds store and pick it up yourself.

Will Bensons for Beds assemble my order?

The delivery team will unpack and assemble your sofa bed and fit the headboard for an additional £20. This only applies to sofa beds. If you need help with other bed frames and furniture, contact the Bensons for Beds team to arrange.

How to track my order ?

To track your delivery, check the tracking order you received in your confirmation email. Or you can head to the bottom of the Bensons for Beds page and click “Track Order”. Type in the tracking order and you will see the status of your order. If you have a Bensons for Beds account, you can view your order history and current order status.

Can I change my Bensons for Beds order?

To change your order you will need to contact the store you purchased it from directly or if you purchased online you will need to email the internet sales team.

What is the Bensons for Beds return policy?

For in-store orders, you will need to email or call the store directly to arrange a return. If you ordered online or by phone, you have 14 days to return your product after delivery, provided you have the original packaging. Contact the internet sales team to arrange a return.

What warranties does Bensons for Beds offer?

Bensons for Beds guarantees free repair or replacement of all beds, mattresses and furniture found to be defective for up to 5 years. Bensons for Beds also offers a 40-night comfort guarantee which promises that if after 40 nights you don’t like your new bed, it can be exchanged for a new one.

What should I do if my Bensons for Beds order has a problem?

If you have any issues with your Bensons for Beds order, contact the customer service team and they will resolve the issue for you.

Does Bensons for Beds have measurement guides?

It can be difficult to order beds online, so Bensons for Beds offers an in-home measurement and sizing guide on its website.

What types of payment methods are available at Bensons for Beds?

Customers can pay for their orders with all major credit or debit cards and via Klarna.

Is there a Bensons for Beds store near me?

There are Bensons for Beds stores in the UK. Go to the store locator section of the website and enter your zip code to find your local store.

How can I contact the Bensons for Beds customer service team?

To contact the Bensons for Beds team, call them on 0800 048 5919 and email [email protected]

How to Use Bensons for Beds Discount Codes

1. Find the Bensons for Beds voucher code you want to use and go to your local store or website. These vouchers can be found on the T3 Bensons for Beds vouchers page, the Bensons for Beds website and email newsletters. Don’t forget to check the terms and conditions before you start shopping.

2. Shop, add all items to your shopping cart, and proceed to checkout.

3. In the shopping cart, you will see “Promo Code” under the order summary. Click on ‘Add a code’, enter it in the box and click on ‘Apply’. The voucher code will then be applied to the total.

How to build the best bed with sleepPRO

Bensons for sleepPRO beds

(Image credit: Bensons for Beds)

Getting a good, comfortable night’s sleep is extremely important to ensure that you are at your best for the next day. If you don’t prioritize your sleep, it can have detrimental effects on your productivity, mental health, and physical well-being. To improve your sleep, you need to make your bed more comfortable and inviting so you can’t wait to get into it at the end of the day.

Start by choosing the best and most comfortable mattress, molded and designed for your body. Bensons for Beds offers sleepPRO to customers who come into stores. sleepPRO is a kind of mattress and process that Bensons for Beds will guide you to find you the best mattress. Sleep experts create a personal sleep profile for each person so they can narrow down mattress options to find the right one for you. Through questionnaires and technology, sleepPRO determines what kind of support and comfort you need and what will give you the best night’s sleep.

The sleepPRO is a regular mattress with built-in BodiTrak technology which is a measuring tool for all the pressure points your body is resting on the mattress. This technology is also combined with airbags that inflate and deflate according to their degree of firmness to provide the best support and comfort available when you move while you sleep. The sleepPRO mattress is available in four comfort levels: soft, medium, firm or extra firm. If you already know the grade that suits you, you can identify the mattress thanks to the color code. Soft is blue, medium is green, firm is pink, and extra firm is yellow.

What are Divan beds?

Bensons for Beds box spring beds

(Image credit: Bensons for Beds)

One of the most popular designs and styles from Bensons for Beds is the divan bed. Box springs are beds made up of a box spring and a mattress without a foot or headboard. It is often called a sofa bed and it is mainly chosen because of the storage space that comes with it. The base usually pulls out and has drawers so you can store your clothes, shoes, books and more under the bed slates. There are also sofa beds available that can actually lift up from the end, so instead of removing the base, you just lift the bed to store your stuff. If you’re short on floor or closet space, a sofa bed is a great piece of furniture that doubles as a bed and a dresser.

Bensons for Beds divan beds come complete with a divan base and matching mattress which also comes with wheels and built-in storage drawers. Most sofa beds are purchased separately, for example, you buy the base and you can put on a pre-existing mattress or buy a new one. Bensons for Beds saves you from having to buy things in batches because you can buy the base and matching mattress all at once. Its sofa beds are also available in several sizes and styles, including double, king and super king beds. Bensons for Beds divan models also come with attached headboards at the base.

Similar to sleepPro mattresses, box springs are given the appropriate comfort rating both in-store and online. Bed base brands available from Bensons for Beds include the bespoke iGel, Sealy, Silentnight, Slumberland and Bensons for Beds collections.