Promotional codes

BetMGM bonus codes offer $200 in free bets or $1,000 risk free

BetMGM offers a handful of different bonus codes, depending on your state.

  1. STOCK: This pays out a $1,000 risk-free bet (you’ll be refunded in free bets if your first bet loses). It is available everywhere except New York.
  2. COURT OF ACTION: Get $200 in free bets if the football team you bet on throws at least one yard. There are two games Friday night – USF vs. Tulsa and San Diego State vs. New Mexico. Available in Louisiana, Illinois and Kansas.
  3. ACTIONOHIO: Get $200 in free bets when you pre-register in Buckeye State.
  4. Maryland: Use this link to get $200 in free bets with no deposit required before Wednesday’s launch.
State bonus codes
Arizona STOCK
Colorado STOCK
Indiana STOCK
Maryland Use this link
Michigan STOCK
Mississippi None
New Jersey STOCK
Nevada None
New York None
Pennsylvania STOCK
Tennessee STOCK
Virginia STOCK
West Virginia STOCK
Wyoming STOCK

Once you’ve identified the sign-up offer you need to claim, here’s how to sign up.

How risk-free betting works

Sportsbooks use all sorts of different languages ​​to describe their promotional offers, which we have detailed here.

BetMGM Risk Free Betting is not really risk free. If your first bet on the platform loses – and it has to be your first bet – you are refunded whatever you lost in free bets, up to $1,000.

Let’s dive into an example from Friday. Suppose you deposit and bet $100 on the South Florida moneyline against Tulsa at +400.

  • If USF wins, you’ll get $400 and keep the original $100. The promo is now over. This money is yours to withdraw or continue betting.
  • If USF loses, the promotion actually kicks off. You will be refunded $100 in free bets to use on any event over the next few weeks.

But how do free bets work? We will come back to this below. But that’s why the offer is not without risk. You do not receive real cash back if your first bet loses.

How free bets will work

OK, so what if that first bet loses?

You get the free bets back. And how to turn them into money? We’ll take a look.

Free bets are almost like cash, but cannot be withdrawn. They must be wagered. And if they win, you keep the profits, but not the stake.

BetMGM will refund you in $20 increments if you get $100 back. (If you get $500 back, it will be $100 increments).

Here is an example. Suppose you bet $100 in free bets on the Patriots -3 against the Jets on Sunday. The best way to use free bets is on over-money bets, but many people won’t.

  • If the Patriots cover, you win $91, but don’t keep the $100 in free bets.
  • If the Pats don’t cover or lose, you lose the free bets and they disappear.

Our Brandon Anderson likes the Patriots this weekend against the Jets.

The last time the Jets beat the Patriots in regulation, Mark Sanchez threw the first touchdown to LaDainian Tomlinson in a playoff win in 2011. The last time that happened in the regular season was was 25 games ago. New England is 13 straight wins over New York, 12-0-1 ATS against this line in this streak. Not really a rivalry.

But are these Jets any different? New York won five of six, and the last time we saw the Jets they were upsetting the mighty Bills and then-MVP favorite Josh Allen. It was a hell of a way to enter the bye week, but historically it also tells us the Jets are probably a bit overvalued in the market.

This is just one of many trends that beg us to support the Patriots:

  • Opponent who just won by a TD or less as Double Digit Dogs: 25-15-1 ATS (63%)
  • Favorites playing a rested division opponent: 59-41-2 ATS (59%)
  • Favorites of a FG or less on 14+ rest days: 49-28-5 (64%)
  • Home favorites of a TD or less after a bye: 76-56-22 ATS (58%) in the first half
  • Bill Belichick in games with a total under 40: 31-10-1 ATS (76%)
  • Belichick as an 8-point favorite or less against the Jets: 15-5-2 ATS (75%)
  • The division favorites against Robert Saleh: 6-3 CEPs (67%)

No matter how you slice it, trends love Pats.

Both teams rank in the top three in defensive DVOA over the past five weeks, and in a game of outstanding defenses, you want Belichick every time. New England’s formidable pass rush looks like a big advantage, as does Belichick with two weeks to prepare for Zach Wilson.


There is another bonus code available in Louisiana, Illinois and Kansas which requires much less risk than the risk free bet described above.

ACTIONYARD Bonus Code unlocks $200 in free bets if you bet $10 on an NFL game and there’s more than a yard pass from your team. Pretty easy, right?

Free bets work the same way as we described – if they win, you keep the profits. If they lose, they leave.

In this case, BetMGM will give you four $50 free bets. They cannot be divided further than that.

Pre-registration in Ohio and Maryland

Sports betting will soon go live in a few key states – Maryland next Wednesday before Thanksgiving and Ohio on January 1.

Ohio Users: ACTIONOHIO offers you $200 in free bets with no deposit required.

Maryland: Use this link to get $200 in free bets ahead of launch later this month. Same offer as Ohio, but you must use this link to register instead of a code.

Offer details and registration

  1. Click here to join.
  2. Use ACTION, ACTIONYARD or ACTIONOHIO at the register
  3. Enter your personal information. You may be asked for the last four digits of your social security number, which are needed to verify your identity.
  4. Deposit at least $10
  5. Make your first bet up to $1,000

If you’re heading to a betting-legal state this week, you can still register and bet. Just use all of your real and accurate information, not the hotel you’re staying at as your address or your friend’s house.