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Cadbury Gifts Direct Discount Code – 40% off for December 2021

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You don’t want to share your chocolate (and why would you?), So put your name on it. Custom bars and boxes are perfect for branding that milky goodness like yours, and they are a winner when it comes to gift giving. You can write a name or message on a Dairy Milk bar or Milk Tray box or on multiple bars and boxes. You can add a photo if you want, and even have a message and photo on the back cover. Some words are prohibited, however, and you should check your spelling and grammar before ordering as errors cannot be corrected afterwards! It costs from £ 2.50 to customize a 45g Dairy Milk bar. Buy it with a discount code for more fun in your pocket.

As if buying chocolate isn’t rewarded enough, you can earn points for buying more while you do. Register for an account and you will instantly be eligible for Chocolate Chunk reward points. For every £ 1 spent, you get 1 point. You’ll get 100 just for signing up and 50 for subscribing to the newsletter, so you’ll have 150 pieces of chocolate – worth £ 1.50.

Be the first to know about chocolate related treats that might be in store by signing up for the newsletter. In addition to getting reward points for this, you will have a direct link to news about what’s new and the latest chocolate offers. In addition, there is a monthly contest to enter to win more. Yum! You can also choose to receive text messages informing you of offers, lineups and the latest news.


How much does delivery cost from Cadbury Gifts Direct?

Orders are delivered within one to two business days and cost £ 3.95 for orders up to £ 10 and £ 5.50 for orders over £ 10. If you need it the next day (and the sooner the better, right?) There is a guaranteed delivery option for orders placed before 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday, which costs £ 6.50 .

What about weekend delivery?

You can also get your fix of chocolate or a gift just in time for that weekend birthday party, Saturday and Sunday, but there is a slightly higher fee of £ 8.

Can I click and collect my order?

Not for the moment. Cadbury Gifts Direct recognizes that it may be more convenient for you to pick up your order from a designated location rather than having to wait for it. They are working hard to put this in place, so keep an eye out for the website’s feedback page which will be updated with details when it becomes available.

Does Cadbury Gifts Direct have a sales section?

Yes, there is a drop-down list under Gift Ideas that will reveal the sale offers. You can make delicious little savings for up to almost half the cost.

Can I return items to Cadbury Gifts Direct?

If there is a problem with your order, including missing items, damage, or if it is incorrect, contact Customer Service on 0371 664 2373 as soon as possible. Replacements can be made within 28 days, or you may prefer a refund. The customer service team will advise you on how and where to return damaged items.

Is there a gift card i can buy?

Gift cards are available if you are unsure of a person’s favorite chocolate. These are electronic gift cards worth £ 10 to £ 250. You can schedule it to be sent on a certain date if it is a birthday or a special occasion.

How do I use a Cadbury Gifts Direct promotional code?

1. Select your box or your chocolate bars and put them in your basket

2. Look for a coupon that applies to your articles. Copy it ready to paste later.

3. Go to the shopping cart and look for the box labeled “Do you have a promotional code?” ”

4. Paste the code and click Add.

5. Verify that the discount has been applied and proceed to payment.

Make your own treat

Cadbury Gifts Direct offers chocolate themed gift boxes from the biggest name in chocolate

Build your own chocolate toy that’s (almost) too good to eat

(Image credit: Cadbury Gifts Direct)

We wouldn’t normally encourage playing with your food, but we will make an exception for some of the fun offers from Cadbury Gifts Direct. There are craft kits where you can make your own chocolate toys and then eat them. A chalet for all seasons is a chocolaty version of a gingerbread house with milk chocolate walls and a white chocolate roof. For Easter, it can be decorated with mini eggs on top. Oreo trains feature the mint cookies stacked to form the motor and as wheels with a Dairy Milk cabin. You can even order additional Curly Wurlys to do the trail. Tap into your inner pizzaiolo and sprinkle wine gums as a garnish on a chocolate pizza, or build a castle out of Caramilk – although you may be besieged by family members who want to pinch some of your own. battlements. Kits start from £ 10 and come with full assembly instructions. The dismantling is up to you and which piece you want to eat first!

Less practical, but still a ‘make it yours’, are the gift boxes where you can tap into your knowledge about the recipient’s chocolate loves by choosing all of their favorites. You simply choose a selection and mix of candies and treats and then decide how you want to present them. They can come in a cardboard box that is full of bars, an organic gift bag that can be used for groceries when empty, or you can go classic with a wicker basket with bars and shock boxes laid down. carefully in a bed of straw. Once empty, you can use it for stylish storage or store a picnic in it for a day in the summer. The packaging costs from £ 3.50 for the box to £ 15 for the basket.

Box of delicacies

Cadbury Gifts Direct offers chocolate themed gift boxes from the biggest name in chocolate

Get a select box of classic chocolates and bring back happy memories

(Image credit: Cadbury Gifts Direct)

Who doesn’t get nostalgic for chocolate? There are certain names, flavors, and even labels that can take us back to childhood, or remind us of loved ones they used to be favorite. Browse heirloom gifts to find chocolate classics – like a Bournville box that includes dark chocolate bars, Old Jamaica rum and raisins, and a branded tea towel to keep. The Fry’s Collection Selection Box includes the familiar melty toppings like Peppermint Orange Cream and Aromatic Turkish Delight – perfect for a tasty trip down memory lane.

Chocolate is aimed at kids of all ages, but as our palates mature we might swap the Milky Bar buttons for a more sophisticated dark chocolate to enjoy with an after-meal coffee. Cadbury Gifts Direct offers gift sets that are strictly adults only, pairing them with wine, prosecco or beer. A box of Milk Tray and Prosecco (£ 27) would make a great accompaniment to a date night, while a wicker picnic basket filled with sharing boxes and a bottle of red and a bottle of white (£ 50) is perfect for throwing a weekend party. started. If wine isn’t your thing, there’s beer. Two or three bottles of beer, porter or bitter with bars and boxes of Cadbury’s chocolate or Green and Black’s organic chocolate could be a great way to wish dad a happy birthday, congratulate a student for obtaining graduation or even say thank you and goodbye to a teacher when school is out. Chocolate and liquor baskets start from £ 20, but don’t forget to use a discount code for a tempting savings.