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Community helps new PS5 owner with Ruined Horizon Forbidden West download code

A brand-new PlayStation 5 owner is having trouble trying to redeem their code for Horizon Forbidden West, but the community is heating up.

A new PlayStation 5 owner recently ran into trouble trying to redeem the digital download code for Forbidden Horizon West that came with their system. The rise of digital gaming has seen the industry largely move away from physical media wherever possible. Years ago, video game console bundles would have included a physical disc for players to use, but nowadays many bundles come with digital download codes instead.

This is the case with the Forbidden Horizon West PS5 bundle. It doesn’t matter if one gets a PS5 with a disc drive or the PS5 Digital Edition, they will receive a voucher that includes a Forbidden Horizon West download code rather than a physical copy of the game. This was recently discovered by Reddit user Kazuko_Kistune, who ran into issues while trying to redeem his code for the game.


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After scratching their voucher, Kazuko_Kitsune discovered that their code for Forbidden Horizon West was illegible. They turned to the Reddit gaming community for advice, with many users suggesting that Kazuko_Kitsune contact PlayStation Customer Support to resolve the issue. Before Kazuko_Kitsune could go that far, another Reddit user, Biohazard_186, stepped in and gave Kazuko_Kitsune another code for the game. Others attempted to redeem the ruined voucher code using the letters and numbers they could read, and claim to have succeeded in doing so.

Forbidden Horizon West is one of the highest rated new video game releases of 2022 and one of the most critically acclaimed games on the PlayStation 5, period. Forbidden Horizon WestPositive reception is a big part of why Sony made the decision to start bundling the game with the PS5 console, although it’s worth pointing out that the game is technically a cross-gen release which is also available. for PS4.

Some were surprised when Sony announced a bundle of PS5 consoles that included a copy of a game, as the company didn’t really have a problem selling consoles. In fact, it had the exact opposite problem, with the console maker struggling to produce enough PS5 systems to keep up with demand. A variety of other factors have also rendered PS5 supply virtually non-existent in many markets, including the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, scalpers, and chip shortages.

Sony is hoping to increase the PS5 supply for the holiday season, and if that offer includes the Forbidden Horizon West bundled offers, potential customers should be extra careful when picking up their coupons.

Forbidden Horizon West is available for PS4 and PS5.

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