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Coupon Code Craze: Savvy Online Shoppers Save Over $ 10,000 A Year Looking For Deals

NEW YORK – From promo codes to flash sale emails, it seems there are ways to save money at our favorite stores all the time. New research shows that it pays to be a smart shopper. The average American spends 83 hours a year browsing bestsellers online, saving nearly $ 10,000 a year.

A survey of 2,000 Americans who shop online reveals that 65% believe that finding a sale online is unparalleled satisfaction. Some respondents add that the best deals they’ve ever found in their life include huge discounts on designer clothes, exercise equipment, and jewelry. One respondent says they even landed a $ 500 flight from Hong Kong to Chicago so they could find their spouse.

The art of (chasing) the affair

Commissioned by Slickdeals and led by OnePoll, the survey also found that two in three people like to search for deals just for the fun of it.

More than half of those surveyed (56%) brag about a sale they’ve spotted to friends and family. Sixty-nine percent want to share their good deals so that others can find good buys as well. When a stranger compliments them on an outfit bought on sale, 58% feel inclined to tell them how much money they’ve saved.

After finding a good deal, 52% of respondents need to sit down and think about the success of their purchases. On average, these reflections can last up to 30 minutes. Still, finding deals isn’t all about bragging. The survey found that three in four Americans look for deals online because they want to save money. In fact, 45% will only buy products if they are on sale, claiming that they will never pay full price for something they find online.

Just as many (75%) say they care more about finding the best value than just buying in a sale because something is cheap.

“Many of us have had the experience of discovering a lot and wanting to share it with our friends and family,” said Ryan Tronier, chief personal finance editor at Slickdeals, in a statement. “The access we have online is helping us share information with more people and crowd-led search for offers is becoming more and more popular. “

Saving is a daily game for online shoppers

Good online businessIn order to detect products as soon as they go on sale, 44% of people have set up sales alerts on their phone. A whopping 89% of those who use sales alerts think it makes it much easier for them to find deals online.

Right now, respondents monitor deals on clothing (44%), shoes (33%), and groceries (31%). Meanwhile, the hardest things to find online right now are video game consoles (21%), computer parts (17%), and home appliances (15%).

Fifty-one percent of Americans will buy a hard-to-find product, even if it’s not on sale. However, half of those surveyed dislike or dislike people who resell and “scalp” products that are hard to find online. Interestingly though, 39% admit that their feelings change if they suddenly are the ones reselling products.

“Whether it’s looking for a deal to brag about, to have fun or to save money, this survey shows that consumers are actively looking for the best value for their money,” Tronier adds.

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