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Coupon code lets you snag the Kasa smart plug for nearly $6 each

We can’t tell you enough about the convenience of turning smart bulbs on/off with voice commands, but they’re still a bit pricey. This is where smart plugs come to the rescue. Not only do they turn your existing set of bulbs into smart blubs, they have the added utility of being able to remotely control anything connected to them. During the winter months, smart plugs work great with appliances like heaters, which you’ll likely use more frequently as the temperatures drop.

Amazon currently has a phenomenal deal on the Kasa Smart Plug 4-Pack, which are perfect for controlling all your appliances, entertainment systems, and yes, just about any lamp and light you might have around the house. For a limited time, there is a promo code you can click on to drop the price to $25. That’s basically $6.25 each!

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Pack of 4 Kasa smart plugs

Buy: Kasa Smart Plug 4-pack $26.99 (orig. $29.99) 10% OFF

Why we love Kasa smart plugs

Since you will get a 4-pack, this offer allows you to purchase smart plugs for multiple rooms. This makes it even easier to control all your favorite devices or gadgets remotely. For example, you can use one for your coffee maker to start brewing a cup of coffee in the morning (assuming you filled it with water and added ground coffee the night before). Alternatively, you can use another one to manage video game time with the kids. When it’s time for homework, you can turn off his game console remotely so you know he’s not distracted when you’re not around to check on him.

No matter what you use them for, Kasa smart plugs are simple additions to help anyone get to grips with the smart home space. Your outlets deserve a makeover, so be sure to take advantage of this offer while it’s still here.

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