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When UNOZERO Launched in 2019, founder and director Sam Garzon was largely testing the waters around his own need for a football-centric brand that celebrated classic beauty and quality without sacrificing modern design techniques.

His own personal search for cleats usually ended in some sort of compromise, whether it was a neon green color or a tech gadget that would surely become obsolete in a few months, and enough friends and teammates sympathized. to convince Sam that there was room for a brand that prioritizes comfort, fit and quality over shrewd marketing.

The result has been one of the most popular and best-reviewed cleat launches of recent years, and The18 is proud to offer an exclusive 18% off – using discount code “The18” at checkout – on The UNOZERO range high-end shoes.

What makes UNOZERO so unique is the brand’s unwavering approach to these core values. UNOZERO launched with the Black model 1.0 in 2019 and it’s still the company’s flagship boot – it hasn’t changed for the Cascade Green/Orange Nova Hyper Modelo Ultra XYZ 3.5, and why would it? It comes on promises of unparalleled comfort, fit and quality while growing on customer feedback, so why fix what ain’t broke?

Of course, the process behind Modelo 1.0 is an art lesson. The boot is handmade in Italy with a premium K-leather upper that provides a custom fit of lasting durability, but UNOZERO understands that rather than trying to sell consumers on its new production context, it’s all about boils down to keeping promises. uncompromising performance.

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“It’s about having a quality product made in Italy in small quantities, but at the end of the day we have a pair of boots that don’t get in the way and allow you to play at your true peak level without gimmicks or compromises. says Sam. “You get a high quality product that will allow you to do your job without getting in the way, which often happens these days with other brands.”

UNOZERO has also gained a loyal following in just three years by being a player-owned football brand. Everyone who has embraced the company’s core values ​​has contributed to the evolution of UNOZERO thus far, and this popular momentum will only intensify in the months to come with the release of new products that have been driven by feedback from ambassadors and customers.

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