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Discount code craze: 54% of bargain hunters say being called “cheap” is a compliment

NEW YORK – When it comes to finding a bargain, 53% of shoppers say they are proud to be called bargain hunters. In a recent poll of 2,000 American adults, more than half consider being called “cheap” a compliment (54%).

In fact, the survey found that the average respondent would visit a store for an hour if they knew an item they wanted was on sale there.

Cheap or thrifty?

The survey – conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Ollie’s for their America’s Biggest Cheapskate contest – looked at how far the average person will go to save a little money and how much getting a lot makes them feel.

For it to be a ‘bargain’, a quarter of respondents would need at least 50% off, but most respondents are equally happy with an offer below that amount (76%).

One in four even admit they are less likely to buy an item if it is at full price, with three in four saying they wait up to a month for an item to go on sale before buying it at full price . Seven out of 10 are confident they can find a deal on any item.

Fifty percent say they are likely to share their bargain-hunting secrets with others, although a similar percentage would prefer to keep it to themselves (51%). The results also showed that almost two in three people think it is important for them to find a good deal when shopping (62%). A fifth of respondents add that a discount store is one of their favorite places to do business.

Surprisingly, more people appreciate finding a bargain on low-priced items (74%) than high-priced items (69%). This may be because finding deals on big ticket items takes an average of 23 minutes longer than finding one for inexpensive items.

“In today’s economy, and with the prices of consumer goods soaring, it’s more important than ever that shoppers find ways to save money on a variety of items – big and small,” says John Swygert, President and CEO of Ollie’s, in a statement. “Discount stores that offer great prices on brand name products are a great way for consumers to find great deals and save big.”

retail therapy

In fact, two out of three respondents agree that they find themselves looking for deals more often than ever due to the current rate of inflation in the United States. Two-thirds of Americans agree that getting a good deal makes them feel better about spending money (67%).

This is useful for the 41% who find themselves “always” or “often” buying something they don’t need because it was a lot. Most of these respondents still believe that these purchases are not in vain, with 70% of them agreeing that they have proven to be useful.

Seventy percent agree that finding a good deal is worth the time it takes, as it saves money in the long run and two in three believe it helps improve their mood. Additionally, 39% think getting a bargain is as good as eating their favorite meal, and 37% think it’s as good as going on vacation.

“We’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like bargains,” Swygert says.