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Disney guest refused entry due to inappropriate attire when dress code failed


Nicole DeLosReyes says theme park staff told her to leave or grab a shirt. Photo / Screenshot

A Disneyland visitor’s embarrassing wardrobe malfunction has sparked a debate over the Florida park’s “dress code” policy.

A woman claims she was turned away at the Walt Disney World Orlando turnstile because of what she was wearing.

On May 9, Nicole DeLosReyes was heading to the theme park on a family trip for Mother’s Day, Fox News reported, the content creator claims she was arrested for violating the park’s dress code.

“Guys, it happened. I had a dress code at Disney, and I was told to leave or take a shirt,” she told her TikTok channel, immediately after the incident. . “Now we’re going to get a shirt.”

Disney World’s terms of use, posted via its website, say the park “reserves the right” to refuse admission to anyone who is not “properly attired.” However, these rules emphasize that there are few formalized rules about dress. The park says it takes a “common sense” approach to dress, as long as it’s appropriate for a “casual, family-oriented” environment.

Posting her outfit on social media, DeLosReyes shared the white top with a bow to her 74,000 followers.

While many sided with DeLosReyes, saying the park was overstepping the bounds, some accused her of trying to get herself arrested on purpose.

The term “dress-coding” was popularized recently by TikTokers. In a social media trend, some visitors have tried to get free clothes by showing up in outfits that deliberately display park rules.

Last year, social media star Amanda DiMeo shared a controversial travel tip that she says earned her a free voucher to spend on clothes.

“I just got a $75 t-shirt just because I was wearing a shirt that exposed my underbust a little bit,” she continued. “So yes, if you want free Disney shirts, this is the hack.”

DeLosReyes said she was not trying to get a free shirt and no compensation was offered for getting new clothes.

“I didn’t do it on purpose. I don’t care about a free fucking shirt, I just ruined a nice fit,” she replied in the comments.

She says she ended up going back to her hotel to change clothes and missed the morning at the park.

Disney has not commented on this specific incident. However, Epcot and the other parks provide a loose set of rules in their dress code, which may be

read online


Inappropriate clothing includes clothing that is “excessively torn”, featuring “obscene language or graphics”, or “exposing excessive portions of skin which may be considered inappropriate for a home environment”.

Except for special events and occasions, adults should not wear fancy dress. Costume masks of any kind are not permitted. They don’t want guests impersonating actors, bringing props, or hiding their identities.