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Domino Printing supports the growth of two-dimensional barcodes

The growth of two-dimensional barcodes offers manufacturers the ability to carry more data with their products and, in some cases, unique information on each package, explains Domino Printing.

Bar Hill is optimizing its coding and marking capabilities to meet the demand for 2D codes, already used successfully by the pharmaceutical market.

The Domino GX-Series cryptographic code is an example of 2D code. Photo: Domino print (56127955)

Traditional one-dimensional barcodes are linear, with black and white stripes resembling zebra stripes, and information stored horizontally.

2D codes are graphical images that carry data both vertically and horizontally. QR (Quick Response) codes are a familiar type of 2D code that, when scanned with a smartphone, sends the consumer to a website, but there are many other types.

According to Domino, 2D codes enable the exchange of data for the purposes of traceability, supply chain visibility, consumer authentication and security, as well as promotional and marketing activities.

Lee Metters of Domino Printing (56127947)
Lee Metters of Domino Printing (56127947)

Lee Metters, Group Business Development Director at Domino, said: “The company has awakened to the use of 2D codes globally and we have already seen them used, with great success, in the pharmaceutical market, with legislation such as the EU’s Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD)”.

FMD requires that all medications have a unique code that can be tracked, verified, and retired when dispensed to a patient.

“This success can now be replicated in other industries to bring greater wealth of product data to consumers, retailers, and everyone involved in global supply chains, without slowing line speeds or wasting. of production due to unreadable codes,” added Lee.

“As a global leader in coding and marking, with expertise helping brands meet serialization regulatory requirements via 2D codes, and longstanding partnerships with key industry associations, Domino is well positioned to help manufacturers prepare for this new dimension of barcodes. ”

Domino has printers and coders capable of handling variable data and printing high-speed, high-quality, compliant 2D codes on a range of packaging types and materials.

It has developed verification systems and solutions to verify code accuracy and enable data sharing up and down supply chains.

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