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Dress code changes for UISD and LISD schools

LAREDO, Tx (KGNS) — LISD and UISD parents are getting everything in order before sending their children back to school.

The start of the new school year brings with it many changes, including the new standardized dress code for students in both districts.

United ISD elementary and middle school students are required to wear only certain top and bottom colors.

These colors include navy blue, white, khaki and black.

Annette Perez, director of discipline management for UISD, said high schools will also have to follow a standardized dress code.

“They can wear any bottoms as long as they meet the criteria we have in our dress code guidelines, for example shorts, skirts or dresses cannot exceed the knee more than 3 inches,” a said Perez.

As for high schools, students can wear jeans any day of the week as long as they don’t have rips or holes.

“They’re not allowed to expose any type of skin that you know of around their stomach or back or even their shoulders because they have to have sleeves,” Perez said.

Parents can visit the UISD home website and click on the back to school tab and scroll down to see what students can and cannot wear this year.

On the other hand, if your student attends a Laredo ISD elementary or middle school, they can choose any solid color top or bottom.

Veronica Castillon, LISD’s executive director of communications, says students aren’t allowed to wear certain shoes for safety reasons.

“We don’t let students wear sandals or open back shoes because they can fall off, we have a lot of campuses where their classes are on the second floor and that’s why shoes have to be closed in, it’s for safety students,” Castillon said.

LISD high school students will also follow a standardized dress code, they can choose any top with sleeves and bottoms with no rips or holes.

Laredo ISD has full details of its dress code requirements on its website for parents to seek.

Both school districts say having a dress code in place will help them identify who is a student and who is a stranger.

Parents of new UISD students can call the central office to obtain a voucher to receive a garment.

If you would like to donate lightly worn uniforms, you can drop them off at the UISD Lindenwood office.

UISD is also offering a six-week grace period to enforce the dress code due to item shortages in stores.

For LISD Parents needing help getting dressed, they can contact their child’s school.

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