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Every coupon code available in Roblox (June 2021)

June 2021 came with a selection of promo codes that players can redeem for exclusive Roblox items. Here are all the codes for this month.

In the 15 years since launch, character customization has been a staple of Roblox. However, for players not looking to spend real-world currency, the Robux required to purchase new character items can be difficult to find. Fortunately, Roblox Frequently gives players new promo codes that they can use.

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Each of these codes gives players a specific special item, so players should test them out to see what rewards they get. Besides these codes, there are many events that take place in the Roblox world that also offers many new free items. Players should check out the In the Heights Block Party, Zara Larsson Launch Party, and Mansion of Wonder event to pick up these limited edition items before heading out.

All Roblox promo codes for June 2021

Gucci handbag in Roblox

So far, here are all the promo codes currently active for Roblox this month:

  • WorldAlive (must be used in Island of Move)
  • DIY (must be used in Island of Move)
  • Staging (must be used in Island of Move)
  • Strike a pose (must be used in Island of Move)
  • VictoryLap (must be used in Island of Move)
  • To move (must be used in Island of Move)

To use these codes, players must go to the Roblox website, and from there click on the code redemption page. The page is simple, it should say “Use Roblox Promotions” with a short body of explanatory text, with space to redeem codes on the right side.

In the “Enter your code” box, players must enter the code they are trying to use. If entering the code is followed by a green thumb, the trade was successful and the items should be in the player’s inventory. If the code entry is followed by a red thumbs down icon, the code is not valid, which means it has probably expired or has already been used.

Finally, the left part of the page (on PC) should allow players to visit their inventory. Through this tab, players should be able to see all the new items they have received from their promo codes under the appropriate inventory category tabs.

Get free items in Roblox using this method is quick and easy! Keep in mind that these promo codes often expire after a certain period of time, so players should redeem all of them ASAP to make sure they don’t miss any of this month’s freebies.

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Roblox is available on Xbox One, iOS, Android, and PC.

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