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Every outfit coupon code available

There are several free and unlockable items in Super Animal Royale, and players can unlock them using promo codes. Here are all the codes available.

Super Animal Royale has a cute look, but despite the colorful graphics, the animals in this game are anything but cute. Like all Battle Royale games, the goal of Super Animal Royale is simple: the players want to be the last to stand. While it can be done with any of the generic characters, it can be more fun to look cool while mowing down enemies.

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Similar to many entries in the Battle Royale genre, including Fortnite, cosmetics are stuck behind real world money. However, there are a few special skins that players can unlock by entering promo codes into Super Animal Royale. Here are all the codes currently available.

Every outfit coupon available in Super Animal Royale

Super Animal Royale customization

Players can enter promo codes in Super Animal Royale via the Settings menu. After launching the game, they should select the gear icon at the top right corner of the screen. This will bring up a list of options, and “Coupon Code” is one of them.

Players must choose the coupon code to enter an available code. If the entry is successful, the content unlocked by the code will be immediately equipable from the personalization menu.

Outfit coupons available

Here are all the coupons available for Super Animal Royale at the time of writing:

  • LOVE – Unlock a rainbow themed baseball cap and umbrella.
  • NLSS – Unlock a ton of stuff including Egg Umbrella, Denim Vest, Josh Umbrella, Police Hat, Police Outfit, Red Button Down Shirt, Red Striped Shirt, Skull Beanie, and a velvet dress.
  • SQUIDUP – Unlock a squid hat.
  • SUPERFREE – Unlock a Super Fox beanie.

super royal animal

The following codes are all seasonal and will only work during specific times of the year:

  • CANADA – Unlock a constable’s hat and outfit, as well as a hockey stick.
  • CRISPRmas – Unlock a Santa hat and outfit.
  • THE DAY OF THE DEAD – Unlock a hat and a Mariachi outfit.
  • HOWEEN – Unlock a howl mask.
  • NEW YEAR – Unlock a party hat and dress.
  • SAKURA – Unlock a Sakura Kimono, Fan and Umbrella.

Players will want to launch the game and enter these promo codes as soon as possible. Several codes have expired so far, and it is likely that more will follow. Hopefully players haven’t seen the last of these homemade goodies, as character customization is one of the basic components of Super Animal Royale, and free is always the best price.

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Super Animal Royale is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia.

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