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Exchange a new “Skull King” crate

PUBG New State Coupon Code: Krafton is always bringing new items and cosmetics to PUBG New State players. They recently introduced a new “Skull King” skin where players can get this skin by opening the new “Skull King” crate. To encourage players to open the exclusive in-game cashier, Krafton is releasing a new PUBG New State Coupon code. Players can use this promo code and get a new “Skull King” crate for free. Let’s take a look at the promo code and how to use it.

PUBG New State Coupon Code: PUBG New State is fast becoming one of the best battle royale games out there. With its futuristic theme set in the future, the game was loved by all. To celebrate the winter season and the new year, Krafton is releasing the PUBG New State Coupon codes. Here are the latest promo codes, check out how to redeem them for amazing rewards. Follow InsideSport.IN for more updates

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PUBG New State Coupon Code: Redeem a New ‘Skull King’ Crate Now!

PUBG New State Coupon Code: Redeem a New ‘Skull King’ Crate Now!

Krafton always brings amazing items and cosmetics into the game. Players can purchase these items by spending in-game currency in the store. But as we all know, not everyone can afford to top up in-game currency using real money. For these users, Krafton frequently brings PUBG New State coupon codes. Here is a step by step guide to redeem PUBG New State Coupon code.



PUBG New State Coupon Code: Here Are The Latest Coupon Codes, Check How To Redeem Them

Here is the step by step guide to use the discount codes, check below:

  • First, players need to open PUBG New State on their devices.
  • Once the game opens, go to the profile and copy your account ID.
  • Then they have to press and hold the account ID and it will be copied.
  • After that, players should visit the PUBG New State Code Redemption website by clicking on here.
  • At the top you can see a dialog box where you can paste the promo code.
  • In the second dialog box, you need to add an account id.
  • Last but not the least, players must now click on the Redeem button and you are now ready to receive the rewards.

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