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7 male sex toys to use if you ride solo on V-Day

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With Valentine’s Day acting as a love-filled holiday that shines the spotlight on couples in love with each other, it’s only natural that those who are single or spending it on their own will feel a little more lonely than they are. habit. While your roommate and his girlfriend are at a fancy restaurant, exchanging the most expensive of gifts for no real reason, you’re glued to the same spot on the couch that you always are.

So, when you finally have the place to yourself, why not make the most of your evening? A code of Adam and eve (ASK50 for 50% off almost all items on the site) will help you. There’s nothing to be ashamed of being alone, and if your boyfriend is going out that night who says you can’t too?

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“There is no shame in being single on Valentine’s Day,” says Jenni Skyler, a certified sex therapist, sex therapist, and licensed marriage and family therapist. “You can explore your eroticism without feeling constrained by performing with another. Buy yourself some sexy lube and male toys, and explore the night away to your heart’s delight. You never know when it’s going to be your very last solo V-Day!

If you haven’t yet played with solo sex toys specifically for men, Valentine’s Day is about as good as any day to start with. These products are designed to fill that void you lack, while also reminding you that you don’t need a partner present to have an uplifting orgasm.

Here you’ll find seven of the best sex toys to use if you’re riding solo this V-Day. Sorry, Cupid, we have better things to do.

Super Head Honcho Masturbator

Developed for schlongs of all shapes and sizes, something like this will leave you very satisfied long after February 14th. Not to mention, it’s a solid substitute for your own hand (or someone else’s). Skyler notes that the toy is also “smooth, stretchy, and easy to clean,” making your post-O wash a snap. Oh, and there are suction chambers. Should we continue?

$ 24.95 at

L’Arque prostate massager

Prostate massager

Gentlemen, you have a prostate, and it longs to be touched. Immersing yourself in some solo butt play action is exactly what you should be doing while your friend pays out exorbitantly for a small plate of food at dinner. Then you can be the messenger as to why P point orgasms are the best thing in the world. “It’s a perfect toy for anal penetration,” Skyler explains. “With an ergonomic structure and vibratory power, orgasms are out of control! “

$ 99.95 at

Power Pump for beginners

Power pump

If you are someone who lacks self-confidence, this toy will help you keep things tough, long, and openly veined. Skyler describes the electric pump as “a great toy for the man who wants a little extra length,” which is probably the case for all men. Even if your new size will not be seen by anyone else in person, this is what the dick pic is for.

$ 22.95 at

Sasha Gray Deep Throat Pocket Pal

pocket buddy

Suppose you don’t know who Sasha Gray is. Well, she’s a famous pornstar who provided a mold of her mouth (lips, tongue and everything) for guys to… you know. With this, you can treat yourself to a blowjob any day, not just Valentine’s Day. “For porn lovers, this male masturbator sleeve with a tight throat and raised ridges is like the real thing,” Skyler notes. Take your dream of dating a pornstar for granted – sort of.

$ 27.95 at

Super Sucker UR3 masturbator

Super suction cup

If you want to focus on V-Day, this is what you will get. This tunnel-shaped toy has ribs that massage and stimulate with its realistic UR3 material, giving you the best gift of all in the comfort of your own home. And, if you’re also bigger, Skyler says this product is “extra large to take the entire shaft for full coverage.”

$ 19.95 at

3 point prostate massager

Prostate massager

We’re back to focusing on the prostate, and frankly, if it wasn’t weird to have a vibrating prostate massager as your best friend, it would earn the coveted title. Whether it’s a newcomer to exploring the area or a veteran with a lot of experience in the field, the pulsating abilities of this toy will make sure this Valentine’s Day is the place to be. best to date. “This prostate toy is ideal for beginners trying to explore anal pleasure and penetration, to experts who want to go deep,” says Skyler. “The perineum tickler is an additional asset to increase the pleasure of a man.

$ 69.95 at

Bangin ‘Betty Stroker Kit

Racing kit

Guys, meet Betty. This realistic masturbator, designed with dual entry points for front or rear penetration options, is “just like the real thing,” according to Skyler. With luck, the appearance will make you forget about missing a date on Valentine’s Day and instead keep you occupied until the clock strikes midnight. The kit also includes a four-hour adult movie (and a bit of lube), so basically you won’t have to leave your room overnight.

$ 69.95 at

You’re welcome, gentlemen. Now go enjoy your best Valentine’s Day yet.

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