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If you need an upgrade to your downtime mattress, Simba offers Shopping Essentials readers an exclusive 18% off sitewide.

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Exclusive offer: Get 18% off sitewide. Use code SIMBAPOST18. Limited to one per user. Use the code at checkout on

Before you take advantage of this discount, you might want to think about which mattress is best for you.

We’ve reviewed many mattresses and taken the time, 30 nights to be exact, to find out why so many people love the Simba 2500. Our full review is here but here are some highlights on why we too endorse this product.

What: The Simba 2500 mattress.

This is the company’s bestseller, probably because it’s in the mid-range in terms of firmness and price. It combines five layers of what they call “sophisticated, data-driven design, incorporating cutting-edge technology” and using body profiling data from over 10 million people.

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The 12-inch-deep hybrid mattress (combining both coils and foam) is designed to fit all body types and promote airflow to help sleepers stay cool during sleep. night.

Why we love it: There are several reasons why this mattress, while not perfect, ranks among the best we’ve tried.

According to Shopping Essentials Mattress Tester“I can’t feel my partner moving at night, which is a game-changer for a lot of people I know. There’s nothing worse than being woken up by someone tossing and turning next door. of you, before a big day.The hybrid design ensures minimal motion transfer, even when your partner is much taller than you.

It is comfortable for side, back and front sleepers and provides minimal motion transfer.