Discount code

Extra 5% off + €10 off total with this limited discount code!

Unieuro offers a new savings opportunity with a discount code day 10!

The coupon allows you to Save €10 on your online purchases On, a minimum purchase of 99 euros.

At the same time, a Extra 5% discount code Which automatically applies to your shopping cart with (almost) any order!

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In short: the deal is just around the corner, but you have to find it first!

On the products for which the coupon is valid

Unfortunately There is no exhaustive list Adapted products, although the material in question is very limited.

However, we know for sure that the code is valid Even on products already on sale!

Keep in mind though Apple and Dyson products are likely excludedcorn However, we recommend that you try to use it With all the items you want to buy.

How to use the discount code “UNIDAYS10” on Unieuro

  1. Add a product to your basket

    Login to And add a product of at least €99 to your basket by clicking on the appropriate button.

  2. Enter discount code

    Enter the shopping cart from the appropriate icon at the top right of the Unieuro website and click on “I have a promo code“. Then enter the code day 10 And click “Apply” to confirm.

  3. Get an instant cart discount

    If the product added to the basket is one of the eligible products, the code will deduct a total of 10€ (the offer applies after the additional 5% discount in the basket, allowing for even more savings).
    All you have to do is finalize the purchase to take advantage of the range of promotions!

The expiry date of the coupon is not even indicated, so we recommend that you take advantage of it as soon as possible!