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Fan calls dress code ‘stupid and misogynistic’, says Disney was ‘founded by a Nazi’

Last year, a controversial TikTok trend went viral regarding the dress code at Walt Disney World Resort. It all started with a video from TikTok user Amanda DiMeo, who uploaded a video to her 800,000+ followers explaining how to get “a free Disney shirt of your choice.”

Credit: Screenshots via Amanda DiMeo TikTok and Alyssa Schueller TikTok
In the video, which was picked up by FoxNews, DiMeo wore a cropped shirt that did not conform to the Walt Disney World dress code and received a voucher from cast members for a free shirt at a Disney merchandise store.
Disney World dress code
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In May 2022, two incidents went viral in which guests wore inappropriate clothing at EPCOT and Magic Kingdom and did not receive free shirts. The anonymous cast members reported that due to the trend, they were told to stop giving “magic moments”.

Disney park fans, like the former cast member @TremaineTok on TikTok, chastised guests for taking advantage of Disney’s dress code and “disrespecting” the parks. However, @itsgottobekd on TikTok has a different perspective:


#point with @tremainetok the disney dress code is horrible. #disney #amusement park #dress code #misogynist

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“While I understand that you shouldn’t harass the staff or disrespect them, you can always complain about the stupidity and misogynism of the Disney parks rules,” says the TikToker. “I understand it’s a family park and I understand it’s a company and they can do whatever they want in their own parks. But that doesn’t make their rules any less stupid and misogynistic.

Disney dress code
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The TikToker continues to share and comment on a screenshot of Disney dress code:

“If you weren’t aware, these are things that can get you denied admission. Objectionable tattoos. So you have an “inappropriate” tattoo for Disney and you can’t get in? It is a permanent device on your body. And they also have this rule that if you show excessive portions of skin that may be considered inappropriate for a home environment, you may be denied admission. But that whole home environment falls apart when you think about the fact that people live outside of the Disney parks and see people wearing revealing clothes all the time. These rules are just as misogynistic as public school dress codes are and you don’t see people – well, people on the left – complaining about teenagers challenging these rules.

cinderella castle 50th anniversary
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Although many cast members have said that the main problem with viral “inappropriate” clothing is the ties that can come undone or get tangled on Disney park rides, this TikToker calls it “a direct contradiction” of the website rules because links aren’t mentioned, but “excessive portions of the skin” are.

“Disney doesn’t need anyone to defend them. Remember, Walt Disney was a literal Nazi and Disney as a corporation lobbied the government to keep their stupid mouse out of the public domain for about 70 years,” she continues. “They’re a multi-billion dollar corporation founded by a Nazi. I don’t really think they need you to defend them. And I think it’s perfectly valid to call companies for being misogynistic and having misogynistic rules.

mickey mouse in front of cinderella castle
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This isn’t the first time guests have complained about the hypocrisy of Disney’s dress code. Last month, a photo of a guest wearing a profane AR-15 shirt at Disney Springs went viral, leading fans to wonder why women wearing revealing clothes were being punished while a man wearing a profane shirt wouldn’t. was not.

Do you think Disney’s dress code is fair?

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