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Find a promo code before clicking on buy

RICHMOND, Virginia (WWBT) – Before you buy anything online, you should take the time to research a coupon code.

There are three easy and important ways to find a coupon code for just about anything you want to buy.

First of all, every website today offers a “live chat” option.

Like Kyle James with the site Rather go shopping tells us, just ask. Because it works thoroughly!

If you can’t find any promo codes anywhere, start a chat session and politely ask them for a free shipping code or discount coupon.

Retailers are keenly aware that buyers who open a live chat session are about to buy and many are willing to offer an incentive to get you to complete the transaction.

Another way to get a promo code? Abandon your virtual shopping cart. This means that you sign in to your store account, add the items you want to purchase to the virtual shopping cart, and then sign out.

In fact, I have done this several times and within 24 hours the retailer will often email you an offer for you to complete the purchase.

For the last option, buy a promo code. People are selling them on eBay!

Most promo codes are completely transferable.

Kyle James with Rather Be Shopping saw 25% off coupon codes at American Eagle for just over $ 1 and a 20% off code at Macy’s for around $ 2.

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