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Free Chipotle: How to Get the Coupon Code for a Free Burrito

Did someone say free? Twitter

If you were thrilled to hear that Chipotle is once again offering its $ 3 Boorito Halloween offer, get ready for even more exciting news. The chain has just announced another promotion for totally free meals.

Earlier today, Chipotle released a simple online memory game. It takes less than a minute to play, and then you can enter your phone number to receive an in-one purchase coupon for a free bowl, burrito, salad, or taco order. Coupons are only available while supplies last, so you might want to take advantage of them.

Click on here to play the game by flipping the cards to match the chipotle ingredients like chicken, rice, garlic and avocado. If you touch a card representing an artificial additive, you get a five-second penalty on your 60-second stopwatch.

Combine the ingredients for a free meal. Chipotle

The game is based on the original Chipotle animated short, A love story. The film, which has been viewed over 61 million times, follows the story of two young entrepreneurs, Ivan and Evie, and illustrates how competition between food companies has caused food to be increasingly processed and filled with colors and flavors added.