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Free Fire Redeem Code For Today (July 9): Get Free Vouchers

Luck Royales offers Free Fire players exclusive cosmetics including bundles, gun skins, and several other items. They follow a gacha system where players have to spend diamonds to do tricks and get random rewards.

Apart from diamonds, players can also use special vouchers to get a reward. Garena offers them regularly through events and uses codes to provide an option for free players.

Developers recently released a new redemption code and users can read the following section to know more about it.

Note: Free Fire is banned in India and players in the country should avoid playing the Battle Royale title. They can play the MAX version instead, which was not on the list of banned applications.

Free Fire redemption code for July 9, 2022

Redeem code: E2F86ZREMK49

Awards: 3x Royal Diamond Voucher, 3x Royal Weapon Voucher and 3x Incubator Voucher

Waiter: Europe

The code has been tested and is currently working. Players should make sure they use it quickly and collect the rewards.

The code is explicitly intended for players on the European server, and it will not work globally. Therefore, players from other regions should avoid wasting time trying to claim it.

Steps to Collect Rewards Through Redeem Codes

Readers can follow the guide outlined below to claim the rewards quickly and error-free:

Step 1: All redemption codes must be claimed through the rewards redemption site (https://reward.ff.garena.com/en), and players can start by visiting the website on their browser of choice.

2nd step: Players must log into their Free Fire account through one of six platforms. The options are Facebook, Google, Huawei ID, Twitter, VK and Apple ID.

Use one of six login options on the Free Fire exchange site (Image via Garena)
Use one of six login options on the Free Fire exchange site (Image via Garena)

Step 3: Once logged in, they can paste the redemption code (E2F86ZREMK49) into the text box and click the “Confirm” button. A dialog informing users of the name of the rewards will appear. Tap on the ‘OK’ button.

Paste the code and click on 'Confirm#039;  button (Image via Garena)
Paste the code and press the “Confirm” button (Image via Garena)

After a successful exchange, the items will be delivered to the player’s account within 24 hours. These can be collected via in-game mail. Players can then redeem these vouchers in the Luck Royale section.

Players with guest accounts cannot claim redemption code rewards. They will first need to link their account to a platform through in-game settings. If players receive an error that redemption failed because the code has expired, they will need to wait for the developers to release a new set of codes.

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