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Geneshin Impact 3.1 Stream with New Promo Codes and Characters

With the addition of the region in patch 3.1 for Genshin Impact, the sequel to Sumeru is coming soon. The developers add a desert where we are waiting for new archon story missions, characters and resources for their pumping.

The update was released on September 28, respectively. The stream will air from September 16-03, but there have been transfers recently, so this time instead of Friday, they can hold it on Saturday 17-31. As always, until five o’clock in Moscow. If something changes, we will have the right information in time.

According to the official announcement, new heroes are coming to the banners. Sayno, Kandakia and Nilu, and according to an insider, they will be accompanied by reruns of Eola and Venti. There were already leaks of new bosses, a collection of resources needed to upgrade the heroes of the new banner. Even though rumors are circulating, there will be a chance to return to Collei for free as part of the Twisted Abyss’ 4th Floor 3rd Lobby.

Most likely they will expand the Sumeru roster, insiders wrote about five new dungeons. After the patch shrinks, at least four more events will take place: the last one-on-one, the penultimate.

Song of Cups of the Star Seeker After 3:00 p.m. Moscow time, Hyakunin Ikki Winddriver.

The stream is broadcast online.

You can watch Twitch live with the announcement of the new update and the distribution of promotional codes on this page:

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