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Some people prefer to carry their phone without a case, but I’ve never been one of those people. It’s far too easy to chip, crack or break your phone in one drop. That’s why it’s so important to have a solid case. But I’ve never been one to carry anything bulky, especially when it comes to phone cases.

What I love about Nomad cases is how sleek, slim and well-built they are. Nomadic cases usually begin around $30 for something like the Super Slim casebut right now, with the promo code BUILT IN PURPOSEyou get 20% off sitewide as long as it’s an in-stock item at full price before the code.

That means you’ll get the new Super Slim case for just $24 and save $6. The discount applies to all products except outlet items. You can choose sports bands for Apple watches, card holders, charging accessories, AirPods cases, etc. All orders over $150 ship free within the United States quota.

Nomad recently launched the Ultra Orange limited edition line which is designed for adventure. It has a rugged case for iphone 14, a waterproof sports watch strap and one sturdy watch strap all in orange. With the promo code, prices range between $40 and $48.