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Get 40% Off Speks Desk Toys With This Coupon Code

We can all get a little restless at times, especially when we’re using our brains to complete tasks and achieve goals. Sometimes having a little toy to play with helps keep your thoughts flowing, which is one of the reasons fidget spinners have become popular. There are plenty of other desk toys that will help relieve stress, such as the toys offered at Speks.

Speks is known for its tactile, stackable, breakable and buildable magnetic products that will brighten up any desk. Right now, you can get any Blots desk toy at Speks for 40% off when you apply code CNET40, Plus you’ll get free shipping.. Blots are silicone stress balls that come in three different ergonomic shapes that can fit perfectly in any palm. These already affordable toys are made from high quality 100% premium silicone that is soft to the touch. Originally $25, you can get one for just $15 with coupon code CNET40.

The Green Splotch, Maroon Splatter, Purple Splatter, and Navy Slammer can easily be crushed and manipulated. They can also be smashed or thrown against a wall, but remember to use caution so you don’t hurt anyone or break anything around you. Using these balls is known to reduce stress and increase serotonin. They’re also incredibly easy to clean – just use a damp cloth and avoid harsh chemicals.