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As a new owner with a toddler, I have a new appreciation for versatility. You see, said house has a small kitchen (we’re talking about 8 feet of total counter space). As for the aforementioned toddler? It doesn’t take up much space, but its business ends EVERYWHERE.

So with limited cabinetry in the kitchen, plus the fact that toys and cups inevitably end up spilling onto all surfaces (and potentially dangerous kitchen items need to be safely stored), we had to cut manner back to the clutter.

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The first step was to bundle stacks of single-function kitchen utensils and replace them with modern, multitasking pieces to efficiently use the storage space. And it is there, my friends, that the Perfect pot Between.

From the genius creators of the cult favorite Always Panoramic (have you ever heard of it?), the Perfect Pot is aptly named. In short, it does the job of a pot, Dutch oven, saucepan, steamer, and roasting pan, in addition to straining, brazing, and even serving as a spoon rest. It also redefines the term “all-in-one dinner” because with it I can assemble, cook and serve a complete meal, which means easy preparation and clean-up.

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If you are wondering how one piece can do all of this, it is because of its clever design. The Perfect Pot has a 5.5 quart capacity – enough to feed the whole family, and even have leftovers – and is made with a sturdy, heat-conducting aluminum body that can go from stove to oven. Inside, it’s coated with non-stick ceramic, which is completely non-toxic and allows food to slide off with little to no oil or butter. The lid is self-watering and has a built-in colander (the pot also has an easy pour spout), and it can be twisted to let out steam.

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To add to its versatility, the Perfect Pot also comes with accessories: a stand that allows both roasting and steaming, as well as a notched beach wooden spoon that sits snugly on the pot’s handle. . I also love how wonderfully light it is (only 4.5 pounds!), So even when it’s full of food, I don’t have to lift it off the dinner table.

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And did I mention how gorgeous it is? Available in four avant-garde shades (blue salt, steamer, spice and char), it’s pretty enough to serve the company. In my kitchen, it even serves as a centerpiece and stays on display on the stove or on open shelves under the butcher island.

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Whether I’m just boiling and draining pasta or roasting a full meal with meat, veggies, and spices, the Perfect Pot has become a staple in my kitchen that’s used almost every day. And as an added bonus, having organized cabinets means there is less risk of an avalanche of pots and pans every time I open the door.


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