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Glossier Launches Sale Inspired By Secret Discount Code Leak In March


Beauty brand Glossier kicked off a sale inspired by the shopping spree triggered when a secret discount code for the site was leaked in March.

Buyers can get 20% off the entire Glossier site with no code required until Monday, with free shipping on orders over £ 30.

In March, a coupon code for a whopping 50% off Glossier products was leaked on WhatsApp before going viral on Twitter and Instagram, triggering a virtual stampede as shoppers flocked to the site to take advantage.

The code remained active for at least two hours before expiring around noon. The shopping frenzy has spawned many jokes and memes on social media and Glossier has become a trending topic on Twitter.

Glossier said in an Instagram post on Thursday: “Welcome to our very first official Friends of Glossier sale (now live on the site) !! Why? Well, in March a secret Glossier discount code – friendsofglossier – launched one morning.

“Oops! Those two hours were a real shopping spree (for those who were awake, namely our friends from the UK). Since then, we’ve wanted to have another surprise party that everyone could come to this time around. .

“We talked among ourselves and the Friends of Glossier sale was born!

The cult-popular cosmetics and skincare brand is known to rarely offer sale or discount codes except for their annual Black Friday sale.

When the discount code leaked, some beauty fans called it “the biggest thing to happen in 2021,” while those who missed out on the shopping bonanza were filled with regret.

One person said after the code expired: “I missed the best thing that happened in the past 12 months. My basket is full but my heart is empty.


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