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Go paperless and receive a $5 coupon code for PUD Market – Everett Post

The Snohomish County PUD encourages customers to go paperless. Not only will customers protect their data, help the environment, and save PUD money when they sign up for paperless billing, but for a limited time they will also receive a $5 discount code to use on energy-efficient products from the PUD Marketplace. .

The 140,000 PUD customers currently enrolled in Paperless Billing and all customers who enroll will receive the coupon code via email.

PUD is currently facing supply chain issues in procuring commercial billing envelopes. To alleviate the problem, PUD bypassed conventional tendering processes to find additional envelopes and converted available paper stock into envelopes. Additionally, to help preserve existing stock for customers who must pay by mail, customers who do not traditionally pay by check will no longer receive a return envelope starting in March.

“At the moment we have enough envelopes to send out invoices to customers, but unfortunately there is no guarantee that once the limited stock runs out we will be able to acquire more,” said Julee Cunningham, Director of Communications, Marketing and Business Readiness for PUD. . “For this reason, we encourage all customers who do not require a paper bill to sign up for our paperless billing. It’s really easy with lots of user-friendly features. We appreciate your support and the Marketplace coupon is our way of saying thank you.

Dematerialization and online payment have many advantages:

  • Save money on postage and don’t worry about trips to the post office to buy stamps.
  • Receive your account statement sooner. Customers can view their information on the MySnoPUD Customer Portal as it becomes available, with an option to view up to four years of past billing statements.
  • Prevent identity theft by keeping your bill out of the reach of mail thieves.
  • Save paper and trees by using less paper. It also helps PUD save money on postage so we can continue to keep rates reasonable.
  • Set up recurring payment options on the due date to make it hassle-free.
  • Don’t miss a bill. Receive email and SMS notifications to know an invoice is due and receive due date reminders.

For more information on paperless billing and instructions on how to sign up for paperless, visit SnoPUD Paperless. Customers can create a MySnoPUD account by visiting SnoPUD, selecting “LOGIN” and clicking “Create Profile” at the bottom of the pop-up window.