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Goal Kick Simulator Codes for July 2022

Goal Kick Simulator is complete with its name and is a cross-platform simulator. It is one of the most visited projects in Roblox and is especially loved by football fans. Here you can improve your skills by scoring goals from a different perspective and working on codes for 2022 goal-pictures simulation.

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All validation codes for Goal Kick Simulator in July are available.

This football simulator is a store for players to buy rare balls, passes to new locations and more. For purchases, you can practice your shots on the court or use developer promo codes. It is becoming more and more common every month.

The current list of codes for Goal Kick Simulator looks like this:

  • An ordinary number of objects or parts is a random number of things.
  • NICEGOAL is a random sum of money or gems;
  • MANCITY bonus money or gems;
  • SOLD one hundred thousand gems;
  • 300K 10 thousand jewels;
  • JUPITER 10 thousand gems.
  • THANK YOU 10 thousand gems.
  • WELOVEFLOPPA 10,000 gems;
  • 3.5 thousand dollars in winners.
  • Stars 3000 gems;
  • SET UP join for cash or money.
  • LOORUS 3000 gems per square mile;
  • 5 ml of treasures, or the equivalent.
  • SUPERKICK 1 thousand mitts;
  • ALIEN 2.5 thousand diamonds;
  • Sharpen 5,000 gems;
  • 3000 gems and 3000;
  • 15K six thousand gems;
  • INCREDIBLE DIRECTORS for silver and gems;
  • 5 thousand gems.

Get the code where you enter your name.

To kick Simulator, you need to select the button on the right side of the screen, using the backpack icon.

Click on the image in the left corner, which appears on the left side.

After that, a new window opens the code. Click here and press the green button to redeem to receive the corresponding bonuses.

If everything is done correctly, two windows will appear next.

One will indicate that the code has been successfully erected (a green tick and the inscription Code Redeemed!) and the second beneficiary the bonus.

Obsolete Codes

Some promotional codes for Goal Kick Simulator have expired, but you can still try your luck and grab them for an extra bonus. The code, if any, should be compiled below.

  • Over 1000 coins as of update day.
  • 10,000 10,000 silver;
  • Millions of parts.
  • REDEY 5 thousand dollars.
  • Please join your party to request a thousand coins.

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