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Google Maps Reward – Missing an Exclusive Discount Code?


Google is giving away a little Christmas bonus to its most proactive Google Map users. The California-based search company is offering a 20% discount code on select purchases from the Google Store, which sells all of the latest Google-designed hardware, including Nest security cameras, smart heaters and the Pixel. 3a.

The discount code is designed to thank local Google Maps guides. These users leave reviews of local businesses, restaurants, and pubs to help Google Maps users stay informed of the best places to visit, they also help change opening hours, holiday closures, and more. additional information to make Google Maps more accurate and useful.

Google encourages more contributions with Local Guides badges that fans of the app earn as they post more to the site. Google sends benefits when users reach higher levels of the program.

The final perk is a 20% off code for the Google Store just in time for the Christmas shopping rush. Google Maps users on Reddit shared emails from Google informing them of the discount. However, it’s unclear exactly what the criteria for the discount are at this time.

Emails to these lucky contributors do not highlight any specific activity as a cause for the generosity, but simply state that Google rewards “recent contributions”. Although the promotion has started in the UK, it looks like Google is rolling out the discount in different countries as well. Reports are pouring in from Germany and Spain that Local Guides are also receiving the discount code in their email, so it is very possible that this is part of a global promotion.

If you haven’t received the email yet, you might be out of luck. If you want to make sure you are eligible for similar bonuses in the future, you can go to the Local Guides website and sign up to contribute to the Google Maps knowledge database in the future.

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Unfortunately, there is a downside to promotion. Your new 20% discount code doesn’t apply to absolutely everything in the Google Store.

Google won’t let you drop the price of the brand new Google Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL, or a subscription to its Netflix-esque video game service, Google Stadia. Those with Nest security cameras won’t be able to downgrade their Nest Aware subscription either. It’s a bit disappointing. However, there are still some pretty phenomenal deals on the Google Nest Wifi, Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max, or Pixel 3a system.

But if you are planning an early Christmas present for yourself, you better be quick.

All discount codes sent to Local Guides on Google Maps will expire on December 13, 2019, so you’ll need to add anything you want under the tree to your cart as soon as possible.

The news comes as Google released an update to its Google Maps service on iOS that allowed the app to be used in incognito mode, preventing the navigation app from saving your search history to create an advertisement. targeted. Like Google’s Chrome web browser, you will now be able to set the browser to incognito mode to prevent your sensitive searches from notifying any advertisements you see served on online web pages.


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