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SAVE 60%: Until December 15, new customers can get 60% off their first box of HelloFresh, then save 25% for two months and get three free gifts with code HELLO60AFF.

The major food subscription services offer deals on their boxes fairly regularly, but HelloFresh’s latest offer stands out from the crowd.

Not only can you get 60% off your first box of HelloFresh, but you can also save 25% for the next two months with three free gifts thrown in for good measure. How to secure this special offer? Until December 15, new customers can take advantage of this offer with the code HELLO60AFF. It’s that simple.

Deals like this aren’t the only reason HelloFresh is one of the most popular food subscription services. Subscribers get curated, easy-to-follow recipes that suit different lifestyles with a variety of extras, including desserts and sides. Scheduling deliveries is easy, with deliveries straight to your door filled with fresh, seasonal ingredients. To get started, all you need to do is choose your meals to create your ideal box, then get convenient weekly deliveries with everything you need to cook from scratch in the comfort of your own kitchen.

HelloFresh is hard to beat for value, especially if you’re cooking meals for a large, busy family. With new recipes released weekly and meals starting at just £3.15 per person, everyone should be completely satisfied with HelloFresh.

Until December 15, new customers can save 60% on their first boxthen save 25% for two months and get three free gifts with HelloFresh’s latest coupon code (HELLO60AFF).