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Here are all the discount codes for Domino’s Pizza in Southport and Ormskirk


Someone for the pizza?

Well, thanks to a computer expert your luck is in – we have all the coupon codes for Domino’s Pizza in Southport.

The offers are different from the regular offers offered by the chain, but instead require a special code to be entered online.

With discounts that include a free purchase, up to 40% off, and free garlic bread, take-out is even more tempting.

Tom’s Church (Photo: Tom’s Church)

The codes were all revealed thanks to bargain hunter Tom Church, who created a special tool to reveal the codes for every Domino’s in the country.

The 26-year-old from London spent three months researching discount codes for more than 800 Domino’s stores.

Now he generously lets us get our hands on the codes and – more importantly – the pizza.

Simply enter your zip code into its handy tool and it will present you with a list of offers and discount codes that you can use.

Don’t worry if they never get up to date, as they are automatically updated daily.

It all started with Tom sharing the codes on Facebook, where people gave him their zip codes and he manually found vouchers for them.

But he decided to share his cheap pizza hack with the world, in order to help those affected by the newly announced budget.

The offers are available for take out or delivery. Photo: Gareth Fuller / PA Wire

There’s not even a problem – he’ll donate all the profits to Comic Relief.

Grateful pizza lovers sent him photos of all the great deals they’ve managed to get with his tool.

Speaking of his selfless act, Tom said: “The Chancellor’s budget means that some people, especially the self-employed, will be in a worse situation.

“With this tool, I hope to help people save money so that they can continue to enjoy the best thing in life: pizza. “

“I have helped thousands of people get a code. Usually these are people who love Domino’s so much, but can’t afford it, or groups of friends.

The world needs more people like Tom: kind, generous, and knowing the secret to cheap and delicious food.

He had already made headlines for tricking Google into believing he was Britain’s sexiest man.

Tom said he came to the top of search engine results in hopes of “raising awareness of false beauty standards.”

Here are all the discount codes for Domino’s in Southport (Virgina Street) and Ormskirk (Aughton Street)

Buy Pizza, Get One Free (Southport only) STUDFREE

40% off when you spend £ 40 or more (Southport only) 40% OFFFF

35% Off When You Spend £ 25 Online – Wild West Wondershot Reward YOZXEEKN

30% off when you spend £ 30 or more 30% OFFFF

30% off when you spend £ 15 or more online ESPOSITO

25% off when you spend £ 25 online – NUS Extra Exclusive NUSPIZZA

20% off when you spend £ 30 online LHQOGCGT

20% off when you spend £ 20 online EDCXRMPL

15% off when you spend £ 15 online YDYDEZLS

15% off when you spend £ 15 online XLMMFKGP

£ 10 off when you spend £ 30 online IBMNVGPA

£ 10 off when you spend £ 30 MZUBFKHD

£ 10 off when you spend £ 30 online FPXWKPMC

£ 5 off when you spend £ 20 ONLINE SPRING20

Free garlic pizza bread for new registered customers DTFCGXY7


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