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Homefield has just launched its Air Force range. Get your discount code here!

The Air Force will no longer be neglected by marks. Falcons fans are finally getting the ridiculously comfortable, premium apparel they deserve.

After all – Air Force Is have more Commander-in-Chief trophies than Army and Navy (the scoreboard is 20-9-16, by the way). Why should Dark Knights and Aspirants get all the cool gear?

The wait is over for Falcons fans. Ground has just launched the Air Force collection on its site, which offers SEVEN new models.

For those unfamiliar, Homefield is a high-end college clothing brand and its team is based in Indianapolis. Indeed, they are your home for incredibly comfortable, officially licensed clothing with vintage varsity designs. And finally, the Air Force Falcons join in the fun.

Homefield digs into school archives and history to find unique logos, mascots and moments, then turns them into sensational, thoughtful designs that look great on t-shirts, hoodies and more.

I mean – just look at this teaser design they released on Tuesday. I have no idea when the Air Force athletics were, but you can’t tell it looks really cool and is amazingly detailed.


Homefield products are printed on high quality garments with extreme comfort in mind. And if you’re looking for a Homefield testimonial, listen to me: These shirts are great and incredibly comfortable. I own – *runs to the closet* – uh, several Field Shirtsand I wear all way too much.

I’ve been a Navy fan for most of my life, but my grandfather and stepmother both served in the Air Force – which I think is a valid excuse to add a eighth shirt to my collection.

And when I buy this shirt, I will receive a delivery.

Good news: You can also!

New customers can get 15% off their first purchase at Homefield with code AGAINST ENEMIES at checkout at

Now go run – better yet, fly – to Homefield. Use this code and get yourself one of these amazing new Air Force t-shirts. Or an army or navy shirt – cadets and mids also have collections there.