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Horizon Forbidden West Code Not Working: Regalla and Collector’s Edition

A number of players were looking for a Forbidden Horizon West the code doesn’t work thanks to the various special editions of the highly anticipated sequel having digital codes that simply won’t work – especially DLC, digital content or even game codes in the expensive Regalla and Collector’s Edition versions. Is there a Horizon Forbidden West Collector’s Edition code patch?

Is there a Horizon Forbidden West code that is not working?

To repair Horizon Forbidden West Collector’s and Regalla Edition codes not working:

  • Complete the game prologue.
    • The Nora Thunder Elite and Nora Legacy outfit DLC is the most commonly criticized code, but it will only be available in-game once Aloy reaches the first settlement and player hideout.
  • Wait and try again later.
    • It has been suggested that some of the codes are locked to a specific time in certain time zones, so they may suddenly work later.
  • Restart the PS4/PS5 system and try again.

If none of this works, the codes may be incorrect. Contact either the store where the game was purchased or PlayStation Support and they should be able to help.

There are three codes available in special editions of Horizon Forbidden West that players have complained about not working for them: digital content such as the original soundtrack and comic, DLC outfits, and the game itself. If the digital game code for Horizon Forbidden West itself still does not work at this point, players may need to contact PlayStation Support or the Store immediately, as the game is now available worldwide.

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