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How To Get 50% Off Papa John’s With A Discount Code This Weekend

PAPA John’s fans can get 50% off pizza this weekend – just in time for Valentine’s Day – if they use a discount code.

The offer, valid until the end of Sunday, February 14, is advertised in the “offers” section of the Papa John’s website.


Papa John’s discount code is valid until the end of Valentine’s Day

To get the money, click on “choose this offer” and the discount code “50OFF20P” will be automatically applied.

You can also add this code to your order manually before validating and paying.

On your shopping cart page, there will be an option above your order that says, “Do you have a promo code? Enter it here.

Or if you’re ordering in-store, ask the person behind the counter to apply the discount.

How to find the nearest Papa John’s

PAPA John’s has around 350 restaurants across the UK, all of which are open for take out or home delivery.

If you don’t know where your nearest branch is, you can use Papa John’s online store locator.

Simply enter your zip code and the website will display your nearest restaurants.

As Papa John’s is a franchise chain, not all branches are involved in all transactions.

We recommend that you contact your nearest restaurant first to see what they have to offer.

But the only catch is you have to spend at least £ 20 to get the 50% off.

The offer is also not valid against side dishes, drinks or desserts.

If you spend exactly £ 20, you’ll only pay £ 10 for your order after the discount code is applied.

Delivery customers may only be able to get this price if the minimum delivery expense to your store is £ 10 or less.

Some stores have a minimum spend of £ 9.99 while others are £ 11.99.

Annoyingly, the majority of great Papa John’s pizzas are between £ 17.99 and £ 19.99, which puts you below the minimum amount to get 50% off.

However, the deal would work against ‘extra, extra large’ pizzas, which typically cost between £ 20.99 and £ 21.99.

If your pizza typically costs £ 20.99, you’ll only pay £ 10.49 with the discount code.

When The Sun checked out today, there didn’t seem to be a limit on how much you can spend to get the deal.

For example, if you spent £ 40, your order would be £ 20, or an order worth £ 80 would be reduced to £ 40.

If you order on Sunday and want more than one pizza, you might be able to save more money by checking out its new purchase, get one free on Sunday.

There are over 350 Papa John’s in the UK, but because these are franchises, not all branches participate in every deal.

It is worth checking with your nearest store before placing an order.

You will also not be able to claim the discount at stores in Butlins, Haven Holiday Parks, Ribby Hall village, Planet Ice, campus stores or in Ireland.

Pizza fans can find their nearest Papa Johns by using the locate tool on the website.

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