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How to get free gift codes for PlayStation and Xbox

Madden NFL 23 is out now on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, and those who haven’t purchased the game may be able to get a free code this weekend through the planned gift code sessions.

There are no reviews for the latest installment in American football at the time of writing, but there is plenty to be excited about. The player ratings are available online, improvements have been made to Face of the Franchise, and you can download its mobile counterpart.

Lots of people have already bought the game, but giveaways are planned this weekend for those hoping to get a free copy.

Crazy 23 | Official FieldSENSE Deep Dive Gameplay Trailer

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Crazy 23 | Official FieldSENSE Deep Dive Gameplay Trailer






How to Get a Madden 23 Gift Code

You can try to get a Crazy 23 gift code by the following NFL analyst Adam’s Rank on Twitter as he gives out codes all weekend.

Following him is required to earn a key, but you also need to like, retweet, and comment below. Tweeter to participate in the giveaway. In addition to Adam Rank, you can also try following the others mentioned on the EA Madden NFL Twitter account.

Also search ‘Madden 23 code’ on Twitter and you will find a whole bunch of promotional gifts. ZillaSport is giving away codes on August 21 on their Twitch, and there are a whole bunch of others promoting free keys.

How to redeem codes

If you are lucky enough to get free Madden NFL 23 gift code, you can redeem it either in the NHP Where Xbox shop.

It ultimately depends on which console the key you receive is for. Once you redeem the key, you can then download the game.

If you don’t receive a code and you’re still not sure whether to purchase a copy, you can try a 10-hour trial at EA game. Plus, if you’re playing on PC, you can get the All Madden Edition for free at Origin with an EA Play Pro subscription.

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