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Hydrow offer: save on the smart indoor rower with this promo code

Those of you interested in indoor rowing have heard of the Hydrow before.

It is a high-end smart rower with a 22 inch Full HD display. It’s like the Rowing Platoon. You can use it to improve your core and upper body strength while engaging in low impact, high intensity cardio. It really is a fantastic calorie burning exercise. We even recommended it in our roundup of the best home fitness equipment for remote workers.

The problem is, it costs $ 2,199. But, for a limited time, you can save $ 100 on the Hydrow.

Promo code: ZDNET100


Hydrow offers ZDNet readers a discount on their indoor rower if you apply the promo code ZDNET100 at the register. This is an even better solid machine at a lower price. Consider it if you want to stay fit during the pandemic but are looking for more advice.

You’ll also notice at checkout that Hydrow offers its customers financing through Klarna, where you can get the Hydrow for as little as $ 62 per month if you qualify.

The rower itself features electromagnetic resistance, a padded seat, and adjustable pedals. It also works with a $ 38 per month subscription that offers on-demand and live workouts, including classes with “world-class Olympians and rowers”.

Of course, the Hydrow is still a bit of an investment. But, rather than tossing around between couches and chairs all day in your forties, you could break the hours at home by squeezing the much-needed time to sweat on a rower.

Imagine being able to live, work, exercise, and stay sane and healthy all from the same house.

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