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I work for Walmart – the truth behind the four-digit passcode trick to get a discount at self-checkout

An alleged ex-Walmart employee has blasted the claim that a passcode can be used for self-checkout rebate.

TikTok user @iammittalpatel went viral this month when he posted about the alleged Wal-Mart shopping hack.


TikTok user @iammittalpatel has shocked the internet with an alleged four-digit code that gives shoppers a discount during self-checkout.1 credit

Still, other users — and the store itself — hit back at the claim.

According to Edwin J. of Wal-Mart’s customer relations department, “There’s no code like that.”

He said the store offered discounts through a tax exemption program.

And that Walmart is offering a discount to current and former employees.

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While the coupon culture was once a big part of the brand, it now honors coupons offered by brands that offer discounts when you shop at Wal-Mart specifically.

Other TikTok users had already called out the original video making the claim on the code.

“I tried and there was no code,” one user shared.

“Yes, I work for Walmart, that’s 100% fake,” added another alleged employee.

Edwin confirmed: “there are no discounts just for (customers who use) self-checkout.”

Fans recently questioned Walmart’s alleged security system for self-checking.

The TikTok user and former Wal-Mart employee who goes by the name @obeygodess has alleged that the channel is able to see when customers are stealing during the process of calling their own items.

“Now what you didn’t know was Walmart employees who work in the self-checkout area carrying devices called TC devices,” she said.

“With these TC devices, we are able to see everything you buy, the total amount of your purchase and the cost of each item.”

If an employee suspects a shopper is stealing, they can use the devices to interrupt the checkout process – while the customer sees what looks like a frozen screen.

This will prompt the customer to call for help, prompting the employee to come.

She said: “If you already have things in bags and you steal they’ll take everything out of the bags and say, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll call you at another machine, there must be something wrong with that one. -this.

“And then they’ll just take you to the main cashier where there’s an actual person to cash you in.”

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Just because employees would have these devices doesn’t mean they aren’t also taking advantage of their surveillance cameras.

A TikTok lawyer advised her viewers to avoid self-checkouts altogether, as big companies will pin lost inventory on shoppers, even if they didn’t mean to steal, she claims.