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ILGM Coupon Codes 2022 – $10 Off I Love Growing Marijuana Code (Promos & Discounts)

Haha! Has your jaw dropped from the price of that perfect seed?

Alright, I won’t laugh anymore… but your jaw will drop – for our good deals ILGM!

With the straight pocket saving ILGM Coupon Code, you will have the golden chance to purchase your desired high quality marijuana seed genetics at a great price.

Best I Love Growing Marijuana Coupon Codes in 2022

  1. $10 OFF cannabis seeds – Save $$$ on any order (coded: STICKYBUDS)
  2. $10 OFF feminized seeds – I Love Growing Marijuana coupons on female seeds (coded: STICKYBUDS)
  3. $10 OFF autoflowering seedsSave money on fast growing seeds (coded: STICKYBUDS)
  4. 10X FREE seeds (White Widow AutoFem) – A fast-flowering, high-yielding strain
  5. 10X FREE seeds (Purple Haze Feminized) – Sativa-dominant offers
  6. 10X FREE seeds (Skywalker OG Feminized) – Indica-dominant offers
  7. 3 X 20 seeds (Beginner Mix Pack) – Deals on marijuana grow kits
  8. 3 X 20 seeds (High THC Mix Pack) – ILGM promo code on Potent Marijuana Seeds
  9. 3 X 20 seeds (High Yield Mixed Pack) – ILGM coupons for wholesale savings
  10. 3 X 20 seeds (Hero Mix Pack) – Save up to $188 (best discount)

How To Get Those Saving $$$ I Love Growing Marijuana Codes

1. $10 Off Marijuana Seeds – Best ILGM discount code (money off any order)

Hi all !

Does it get better than one $10 OFF ILGM promo code on EVERYTHING marijuana seeds?

And, by all we literally mean any I Love Growing Marijuana Seed, even that premium cannabis seed you’ve been looking at is $10 less.

Even better, scoring that I Love Growing Marijuana promo code is that easy.

  1. Tap or click on the image above.
  2. Use promo code “STICKYBUDS» at checkout and that’s it.

2. $10 off feminized seeds – I Love Growing Marijuana promo code on female strains

So you want maximize your cannabis crop?

The first step is to ensure an exclusively productive bouquet with 100% female seeds, commonly called feminized seeds. Just follow our link and use the code “STICKYBUDS” to save $10 on ANY ILGM feminized plant.

3. $10 off autoflower seeds – I Love Growing Marijuana Coupons on Autoflowering Strains

For my new producershow the convenience of planting premium seeds on Automatic pilot sound? Autoflower seeds flower when ready and grow quite quickly.

So click on our link and register $10 on ANY ILGM carbloom seeds with our I Love Growing Marijuana promo code “STICKYBUDS”.

4. 10X FREE Seeds (White Widow AutoFem) – Fast flowering with high yield

I Love Growing Marijuana White Widow AutoFeminized seeds combine fast flowering the powers of autoflowers and the high production of feminized cannabis seeds.

Being 60% Indicathis easy strain can be consumed day or night for pleasant euphoric effects.

Best of all, to boost your massive yield potential, this I Love Growing Marijuana bundle gives you ten free seeds for 10 seeds purchased.

5. 10X FREE Seeds (Purple Haze Feminized) – Sativa-dominant variety

To 70% Sativa and 20% THC, the lip-smacking Purple Haze Feminized strain has the power to give you a burst of lasting energy.

Again, this offer gives you ten free seeds for every 10 Purple Haze fem seeds you buy.

6. 10X Free Seeds (Skywalker OG Feminized) – Indica-dominant strain

The Skywalker OG Feminized strain will turn you into a ball of joy with a strong 80% Indica presence and high level of THC (26%).

If You Like These Benefits, This I Love Growing Marijuana mildew resistant strain offer attracts ten in addition seeds on every 10 seeds purchased for a lush therapeutic yield.

seven. 3 x 20 seeds (beginner mix) – Seed mix anyone could grow

Do you have room and can’t decide which varieties to buy?

With bulk and feminized easy-to-reproduce mix of White Widow (60% Indica), AK-47 (65% Indica) and Bubble Gum (50% Indica), you can get 20 seeds of each and save up to $138.

The icing on the cake are the many strain effects ranging from energetic to relaxing and even stimulating creativity.

8. 3 x 20 seeds (high THC mix pack) – Powerful seed mix for experienced growers

ILGM’s high THC blend means you get a surprisingly powerful to harvest.

With this powerful feminized trio, you can:

  • Start your day with uplifting Blue Dream (21% THC)
  • Relieve nerves and stress with relaxing Gorilla Glue (26% THC)
  • Relax in the evening with the calming MK Ultra (21% THC)

… and arrive at save up to $148 with 20 seeds of each strain.

9. 3 x 20 seeds (high yield mix pack) – Maximize your harvest (35 oz)

If you want the biggest marijuana harvest, this ILGM high yielding mix is ​​the ultimate recipe for a maximum yield of 35 ounces per plant.

The feminized mix is ​​composed of Amnesia Haze (80% Sativa), Big Bud (60% Indica) and Chocolope (90% Sativa), and offers flavorful aromas of lemon, grape, chocolate, vanilla, and Moreover.

ten. 3 x 20 seeds (Hero Mix Pack) – Happy, sweet and soothing effects

I Love Growing Marijuana and its soldiers seek to save your day with their happy, softand soothing rewards that can help you reduce stress, chronic pain, and can even promote deeper sleep.

With increasing difficulties ranging from easy at moderateanyone can grow these beauties without much hassle.

Oh, and they’re so powerful too. Look at this:

  • Bruce Banner – 25% THC
  • Skywalker OG – 26% THC
  • Black Widow – 28% THC

You can get it all and save up to $188.

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