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Insurance association promotes discount code for single women booking international tours

Los Angeles, California, November 09, 2022 –(– American women rank first in solo travel with more than 70% of women taking solo vacations according to the director of the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance.

“More older women have traveled alone or plan to travel alone in 2023,” says Jesse Slome, director of the organization. “They are particularly price-conscious and are looking for companies that will address their very specific concerns.”

The Director of the Association announced an initiative to address this important market. “Women interested in traveling abroad in 2023 should be aware that some companies offer packages at no additional additional cost,” says Slome. “It can save hundreds of dollars.”

Additionally, the Association announced that it will continue to offer the special $100 discount to seniors booking tours with two of the country’s leading international travel companies. “The additional $100 Manager Savings is for new travelers and is in addition to any other offers available,” Slome says. “The offer will be available to those booking tours for 2023.”

“Women make up the largest percentage of solo travelers,” Slome acknowledged. “The latest data indicates that 84% of solo travelers are women.” To learn more about the Association’s 2023 Overseas Adventure Travel Discount Offer, go to

Jesse Slome is director of the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance. A frequent international traveler, Slome is the author of an overseas adventure travel blog ( and regularly writes articles focusing on topics of interest to men and older women.