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IPhone SE discount code gets you 16GB of data, for £ 28 a month and NOTHING up front

NEW smartphones mean more expensive contracts, and usually with an upfront cost.

But if you are looking for an iPhone SE deal, you can get a higher deal without the upfront down payment.


The new iPhone SE has been the cheapest Apple mobile in yearsCredit: Apple

We’ve spotted some competitive deals for the new Apple iPhone SE.

And one of the best from Metrofone gives you 16GB of data, for £ 28 per month and an initial cost of £ 29.99.

This is a good deal on its own, but a discount code will take away the upfront cost

To benefit from the reduction, you must use the code IPEAPRFSMF on your Metrofone shopping cart.

  • iPhone SE 64GB, 16GB Data (EE), £ 28 per month (£ 0 upfront with code IPSEAPRFSMF) – buy here

Metrofone’s offering includes a 64GB iPhone SE and 24-month contract with EE, 16GB of data and includes unlimited texting and minutes.

And the total cost of the contract is £ 672 over two years.

As the 64GB iPhone SE costs £ 419 on its own, with this deal you would pay £ 253 for 16GB of monthly data throughout the contract – or £ 10.50 per month.

This is great value for money, as £ 10 per month tends to be worth 10GB of data on a SIM-only plan.

To get the offer from Metrofone, go to the Metrofone iPhone SE offer page, scroll down and select “Do you have a discount code?” – click here ‘on the left of the screen.

Enter code IPEAPRFSMF and select “Apply” and the initial cost will be removed.

Then you can just proceed to checkout to complete your order.

If you’re looking for more deals and are considering your options, head over to our iPhone SE deals page.

All prices shown in this article were correct at the time of writing, but may have since changed. Always do your own research before making a purchase.

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