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‘Kawhi Leonard Used Promo Codes To Order Wingstop For A Very Long Time’: The Klaw Can’t Resist Free Food

Clippers superstar Kawhi Leonard is always looking forward to free food, especially when it comes to her favorite fast food chain Wingstop.

Unlike many NBA superstars, Kawhi Leonard enjoys living a life away from glitz and glamour. The two-time champion rarely makes public appearances, letting his game do the talking on hardwood. Although he earns millions from his contracts, The Klaw does not believe in living an extravagant life.

Kawhi still drives his 1997 Chevy Tahoe that he used when he was in high school. The five-time All-Star had the following reason for this, “It works, and it pays off.” Well, it’s certainly hard to argue with this point, some words of wisdom from a humble man.

The Klaw believes in giving back to their community, hosting an annual basketball in their home state of California. Far from the public eye, Kawhi engages in many NGO activities, for example by donating his KIA Sorento to a center that takes care of children in need.

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An unknown fact about Kawhi is her love for free food. It wasn’t too long ago that the former Raptors superstar used promotional coupons for his favorite wings.

Kawhi Leonard is a fan of free food.

Currently on a 4-year, $176 million contract with the LA Clippers, Kawhi continues to lead a modest life. The two-time Finals MVP is a recluse, even looking odd to many. Although we never know the Kawhi off the pitch, the superstar possesses qualities that prove endearing and inspiring.

The Klaw is a big fan of fast food chain Wingstop and was known to use promo codes to get him hot wings for a very long time. Surprisingly, this is an athlete who earns around $40 million a year.

With Wingstop now known as Kawhi’s favorite fast food stop, the popular chain personally sends the Clippers forward out of generosity. However, there’s no denying that The Klaw’s taste for Wingstop’s IPO must have helped the global franchise boost sales.

Kawhi is a prime example for NBA players going bankrupt after their professional careers. Although we’ve heard of players spending exorbitant sums on their Exotic choices, Kawhi’s lifestyle comes as a shock to many.

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