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Microsoft Edge Gets Coupon Code Tool That Could Save You A Lot Before Black Friday

Microsoft Edge continues to be updated with useful new features, and the latest couldn’t have come at a better time. As Black Friday approaches, the Redmond-based tech giant has rolled out a new autofill coupon tool for Microsoft Edge.

This handy little feature will automatically search for coupon codes and notify users if they find any vouchers when they arrive at checkout.

If you are lucky, a message will appear in the URL bar saying “this site has coupons”.

By clicking on it, you will find out how many discount codes are available to you, then all you need to do is press a button to activate those coupons and get your discount.

It’s a great new tool that was added just weeks after Microsoft included a new price comparison feature in Edge.

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Unfortunately for Microsoft Edge users in the UK and Europe, these two handy tools are only available in the US at launch.

Despite this initially limited rollout, it seems Microsoft is positioning Edge as a go-to choice for shoppers looking for the best online browsing experience.

Google Chrome offers similar extensions, however, these are third-party offerings found on the Chrome Web Store – not proprietary tools that are already built in.

Microsoft has been busy beefing up its Microsoft Edge browser in 2020, adding a lot of cool new features that might appeal to Chrome users.

This year has already seen the deployment of handy tools like Segment Heap, which dramatically reduces the amount of Edge RAM usage.

And Microsoft doesn’t stop there, with Edge users in 2020 having plenty of other new features to look forward to, like a full-page screenshot tool as well as a vertical tabs option.

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Microsoft also appears to be doing everything it can to push people still using Internet Explorer 11 onto their new Edge browser.

At the end of this month, the hugely popular Microsoft Teams tool will no longer work with IE11, while also recently reported how over a thousand websites will soon stop working in Internet Explorer.

And it looks like all of these attempts to harden Edge and encourage users to switch from IE11 are paying off.

Statistics from NetMarketShare have shown that in 2020 Microsoft Edge caught up with its competitors in internet browsers.

At the start of the year, Microsoft Edge was the third most popular browser, with a market share of 7.02% and behind Firefox and Chrome.

However, statistics for October show that Edge has increased its market share by more than two percent, now holding 9.71 percent of the browser market and successfully overtaking Firefox.

However, it remains far behind Google Chrome, which has a staggering 69.53 percent of the market.

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